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I’m wondering if anyone has been married at Sol Luna/Mares. Do they have a wedding package? If so, at what cost? I’ve been to Cuba many times but my lady has only been once. Last summer we visited this resort for two weeks and she fell in love with the place and its people. Some we would invite to the wedding. We’re not looking for much, just lots of romance. Thanks. Alex.
I was married at Luna/Mares in February and it was wonderful. The website does list prices so take a look there. As for what to expect, it is not a 5 star resort and some question whether it is a 4 star — I think it is and the 34 people who joined us for the wedding all thought it was a fabulous place and many of them have travelled to 5 stars before. We had been to Luna/Mares 3 times previously which is why we picked it for our wedding — we knew what to expect and knew that our guests would enjoy it as well. As well, it’s cost is typically in the low to mid range for a 4 star and so we knew that a lot of people would be able to make it. While we may have liked to have been married at Paradisus de Oro, we knew that may be a bit costly for many of our friends and family and wanted as many people as possible to share in the celebration.Luna/Mares only does about 1 wedding/month so we were really treated extra special — I think we must have been given a bottle of champagne almost every day! All the staff even knew who our guests were.

If you have any questions, just send me a pm. It really depends on how much you want to spend and how many guests will be joining you and what they want to spend.

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