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I am planning to give my guest beach bags, with sunscreen, aloe Vera gel, lip balm, and some other beach related things. I was wondering if anyone knew of a good place to find inexpensive but good quality beach bags. Oh, if you have any other ideas of what i could put in my beach bags I would love to hear from you.

I gave a beach bag to my maid of honor…I bought it for under $10 at Garage Clothing co. They are girly though…flowers on them. I bought one for myself the year before too, and I love it…not too big, but fits everything that you need for around the pool or beach!There were really cheap beach towels (with tropical flowers on it) at Zehrs/Loblaws.It was all a year ago, but it wouldn’t hurt to check it out.Oh a friend of mine found flip flop picture frames at the dollar store…so cute. Might be fun to add to the bag.Good Luck!

My g/f had found great ones at Dollarama when we got married in the same year 2006. I couldn’t find any over here so she actually shipped me some from Halifax, LOL. Keep an eye out over the summer you never know what they may get in. But everyone loved them!!

My daughter bought these bags for her wedding. The embroidery is included. They do a wonderful job….I bought some for my friends.

We’re planning to do the same thing.All of our guests will receive a stainless-steel travel mug with their name and our "wedding week" dates on it. It also has a palm tree on an island in the centre. It’s really cute and is only $3 a guest. We haven’t ordered them yet, but plan to in the near future.For our entire wedding party, they are getting beach bags with their names embroidered in it, and the bag will be full of sunblock., hand sanitizer, SPF lip balm, Immodium, etc.

yay! I’m so excited!

These are the bags we used – bought at Old Navy at the end of the season and then embroidered.

Thanks for all the great idea’s. I never thought of the Dollar store. I also like the travelers mug idea.
Thank you all for helping me out.
I like those Old Navy bags. We’re they expensive?I am wondering, for the bags, embroidery, and the goodies inside, how much was the total cost of each bag? We have 14 people in our wedding party and we want this to be affordable for us.


The Old Navy Bags weren’t expensive as we got them at the end of season sell out and bought all they had for less than $2.00 each, the embroidery was done by a friend for $4.00 a bag – with the goodies they ended up being around $30.00 each. We had 50 guests – 27 bags (one per couple/family/single)

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