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Hi everyone, I am wanting to get married at the Royal Decameron in Panama in May of 2011. My fiance and I are getting married on my parents 25th wedding anniversary and my parents are renuing their vows the same day. We will have a rather large group of people (20-35) and we are trying to get as much information as possible but we are having NO LUCK getting ahold of the wedding co-coordinator there. We are not wanting a ton for the wedding but we do want to have a some what private dinner for the group the day of the wedding as well as an area to have a bit of dancing ( I have always dreamed of the father daughter dance) It would be very helpful if anyone out there in Cyber land who has gotten married at the Royal Decameron could let us know what their wedding was like so that we can have an idea what to expect. We know that a lot of the smaller details are dealt with while you are down there but we would like to have a general idea so that we know what we are getting ourselves into.Thank you so much in advance

I have my weeding ceremony in nice sea beach in india.We enjoy a lot.But there was some silly problem.But overall it was good.We enjoyed dancing and wine.We were assist by the resort mnager

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