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Hi, we are booked to get married at Breezes Jibacoa the end of April 2009. We are booking a private dinner instead of a meal at one of the a la cartes, it is an outdoor dinner at the beach grill and wondering if anyone has had one of the private dinners there or attending one, we are wondering how it will be decorated.Also looking for information on the resort photographer or if anyone knows of a local photographer that we can book. Thanks


Hi Erin,
I’m a Jibacoa bride too, we were married on the beach there in April 2006. I think there’s a possibility that we’ll be there when you get married, we head back April 13th for 2 weeks. As far as private dinners at the Beach bar restaurant, I think the only information you’ll get about decoration and dinners held there will be from those who get married at Breezes and choose this option from late October onwards, as it hasn’t been used as an a la carte restaurant since about 2002.I understand that now they have rebuilt it that it is becoming an a la carte once again, which will be lovely, I was fortunate enough to have dinner there back when it was still an a la carte and look forward to doing that again in April. The tables had white linen cloths and oil lamps, simple but very nice. It was also weather dependent, as it is not enclosed, so if it is too windy they don’t open it at night for dinner.We didn’t have professional pictures taken, as neither of us are really "picture people", we just had family members and friends take some. I have seen pictures taken by the photographer the resort uses and they are quite nice.

Getting married at Jibacoa is a great experience, very stress free and memorable. Congratulations, you’ll have a blast!

Thanks so much for the information.I am hoping that they do at least have the oil lanterns, that would solve the problem of having to taking candles down.I am still waiting to hear back from the wedding coordinator regarding table settings.We arrive on the Sunday, April 26th, unfortuntely we have a later flight, unless it changes for the better.ThanksErin
Hi Erin,I’m another Jibacoa bride. We got married there in June 2006 in the gazebo. I can’t help with the private dinner in the beach bar either, although that sounds really good to me. Like Karmadoc we managed to have dinner down there a few years ago, and thoroughly enjoyed it. We had our dinner in Martinos (Italian Restaurant).We took both the photographer and video options with the package, and are very glad we did. The photos turned out really well, and the video (or should I say DVD!) was really well edited. I can send you a few of the photos to give you an idea if you like, just let me know your e-mail address.Hope this helps a little?


Hi Erin,

I too was a Jibacoa bride! We were also married there in April 2006, and karmadoc and I shared some PM’s back and forth too! she helped me out We used Martino’s for our dinner, there was 20 of in total in our group. Family and close friends. I can’t comment on the beach bar now that it has been re built, but dinner at the a la carte’s was fantastic.

We didn’t use the resort photographer, our best man did our photographs for us. He is from Vancouver. I realize you aren ‘t looking for someone to travel with you, but you might like to have a peek at what he did for us at the resort, as well as some of his other shots. His website is

I’d love to go back, hope to again in the next year or two! Congrats on your upcoming nuptials!

Hi Allie,Your pictures are amazing, and Jerry’s is a very good photographer, those are the kind of photos that we would like for our wedding. I think I also saw some of your other pictures on the facebook group for Jibicoa. I still have 5 months left to go, hopefully we can figure out the photographer thing by then. Thanks again for all your help


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