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I was married Feb 2007 at Sol Luna y Mares which is next door to Rio de Oro and the photographer the resort booked for us used a regular film camera and basically clicked 24 times (1 roll) and that was it. It could easily be the same photographer that Rio de Oro uses. He took a lot of photos during the ceremony and then maybe about 6 afterwards of us with our families and then of just the 2 of us. We also had a friend taking pictures and took about 200. It was good to have the resort photographer as he knew the spots to go to at the resort to get the nice photos and our friend just followed along and took more photos. We were quite happy that we had the friend to take photos with his digital as he just kept clicking away into the night ! The resort photographer was only there for the ceremony and about 10 minutes after. We could tell that he was in a rush to get going and our guess is that he had another wedding to take photos at near by.

Between the resort photographer and our friend, we had a great selection to choose from.

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