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My fiance and I are getting married at the IV in Jan. We were wondering about the actual service. Do they do vows like we do here or is it very leagal? Has anyone written there own?

Hi Saskgirl,Congratulations!The cuban marriage service is very legal sounding, see following.

Lot’s of people write their own vows to say at the end. We didn’t write anything down, but said what was in our hearts to each other, until we both started to cry

You will have to listen (and respond in the appropriate places) to the Cuban Marital Code to make your marriage legal, but saying your own short vows at the end just personalizes it Cuban Marital CodeI, the Notary, attest the previous manifestations of the contracting parties and, to the effects of the formalization of the marriage that both have been presented, I proceed to read the Cuban Family Code, Articles 24 to 28.MARITAL CODE SECTION ONE: ABOUT MARITAL RIGHTS AND DUTIESARTICLE 24: The marriage is constituted based on equal marital rights and duties.ARTICLE 25: Husband and wife should live together, and maintain the corresponding loyalty, consideration, respect and help for each other.ARTICLE 26: Husband and wife are bound to take care of the family which they have created and to cooperate with each other in the education, formation and guidance of the children. Likewise, each must participate and cooperate in the maintenance and development of the home.ARTICLE 27: Husband and wife are bound to contribute to the satisfaction of the needs of the family they have created within the family. If only one person contributes to this support by working at home, and taking care of the children, the other must contribute to the expressed subsistence without relinquishing his or her duty to cooperate to such work and care. ARTICLE 28: Husband and wife are entitled to carry their professions or skills, and their duties to reciprocally offer cooperation and help for this purpose as well as to start studies or enhance their knowledge; in any case, they will have to organize their home life in such a way that these activities should be coordinated with the fulfillment of the obligations imposed by this code.Now I will question both parties if they persist in their resolution of getting married.Do you _______________ accept _____________ to be your lawful wedded husband?Do you _____________ accept _______________ to be your lawful wedded wife?

We had to answer "Yes" to what they had read for vows but while exchanging our rings we said our own vows. I enjoyed writing our own vows, they were short and sweet like the ceramony but it just personalized our wedding for us.

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