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We came back from our first trip to the Royal Decameron on Sunday. Now I see why so many people return to this place! Usually at the end of a 1 week fun in the sun vacation we’re ready to come home but not this time. The accomodations were great, people wonderful, weather terriffic….what more could you want?I promised I would post about coming here with kids-it was a very kid friendly resort. Lots of shallow pools (the ocean is too rough for most), children’s show every night, activities for the whole family. There are a lot of stairs and a lot of walking around the resort but so long as your kids are used to it it’s ok. It was fine for my 8 year old and my now 2 year old usually made it up at least most of the stairs by herself (unless she was exhausted from the pool/sun).The trip there is long but again it depends on the kids. My kids were fine with both the plane ride and the 2 hour bus ride. We did a trip to the Anton Valley which both kids really enjoyed.My husband carried the little one on our trek through the forest because it was on a rocky ledge. It was only about a 15 minute walk so it was ok.I would highly recommend this resort to anyone. We had a great time and are already planning on going back in the new year. Any specific questions, let me know.
Welcome back imhere.

Love hearing from people who have been there and just rave about the place. From my past posts you may already know I love it and we’re hoping to return.

Did you run into Veronica aka Vyro? Bebbie

Hi,No, I didn’t find Veronica. Checked out the volleyball courts but she didn’t seem to be around when I was.

We had such an incredible time I’m already thinking of taking my daughter out of school for another week to go back again soon!!

Imhere:Oh too bad you didn’t hook up with her. That resort is so big it would be easy to lose someone unless you know exactly where they will be. I am about to head out the door to visit a travel agency to see what is available at the Decameron in February. Two weeks of course.


I am surprised you didn’t run into me either although I guess it depends on what area of the resort you stayed near. I was sitting right beside the volleyball courts (the ones near Atlantis) every day and I played some volleyball everyday. And if you went to the show at night you would have heard Pedro the MC mention Shannon and Veronica (or just Veronica, if my husband didn’t go). I am sitting at the airport now awaiting my final flight home and already thinking about my next trip to Panama. I didn’t do to much shopping this time because it is starting to get colder in Ky and I wouldn’t be able to use the clothes and shoes til next summer so I told my husband that I want to go back in March for a shopping trip (and of course a visit to Decameron). I definately have some info to share from this trip but don’t really have the time to right now. Maybe this weekend I will have some time to post.Oh I already miss the sun and fun.


Veronica:Is there anything you haven’t shared with us yet about your trip?Any changes we should be made aware of?


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