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We will be at the Gamboa Resort form Feb 5th to the 19th. It will be our second trip to this resort. We just can’t wait!!!Marc

Congrats! We’re booked as well for Dec. 4 – 11th. We did decide to book the upgrade as the balcony was important to us. Can’t wait!!!

Hi Grassrootsgirl,

We booked via Nolitours, same as the last time. Don’t bebieve we ever booked with Sunwing.

I think Sunwing takes the tours in to the Playa Blanca , not the Decameron or affiliates.

Hey Ponder,I have another question for you . . . did you take the all inclusive package last year? If so, what was included – could you eat at all of the restaurants?, what type of beer was included? what is the food like?8 more days to go!!!

Thanks so much!

Ok, one more question I promise :). We’re thinking about renting a car for a few days and were wondering if there are any nice beaches on the Caribbean side within driving distance from the Gamboa? Thanks!

Hi Grassroots,It was all inclusive….. Like in a lot of resorts we’ve been to, there’s usually, at the the bar, a top shelf, and those you have to pay extra for… like Cognac and the likes. We’re mostly in pina colada and rum & cokes. As for the restaurants, if I recall you could go to the "à la carte" restaurant, once a week and, in the main buffet, you could order once a week from the "à la carte" menue.As for beaches, those that I’ve seen on the Pacific side were not to our liking….. ie, dark to black sand and very merky water. If you’re the adventuress (?) type, I would suggest Maria from one of Panama’s travelling agency. She’ll really take care of you. Read my review and photos on Sanblas, on my photo site.

We’re trying to fix something up with Maria again, but this time either to Pearl Islands, Bocas del Toro or Chiriqui for a few days.

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