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Does anyone know what type of earphones that westjet uses to hear the movies that are playing?I have a ton of different types of earphones and do not know if Westjet uses the double prong or single prong.Thanks for any help!!
Check to see if any of your double prong jacks converts to single (one prong folds back) I have one of these and am ready for whatever connection it is. Or just take one of each.
Here’s a good page with info on WestJet:
Because they use modern Boeing jets you can use standard 3.5mm "Walkman style (almost everything)" headphones or the airline ones where the second jack folds out of the way like eeeefarm says.

Hi. We used Westjet from Moncton to Toronto to Miami for a Carnival cruise. The head phones that they use is the 1 prong and it plugs into the end of your arm rest. You can bring your own (like I did) or buy them (like my husband did) for $3 Cdn. I hope this helped.

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