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WestJet has awesome allowance for humanitarian Aid being taken on a Charter Flight.

WestJet has created a standard around Humanitarian Aid that allows each guest to bring 2 pieces of luggage with Humanitarian Aid (20 kg or 44 lbs) combined weight.

The Humanitarian Aid should fall within the size and weight dimensions and should be packed separately from personal belongings.Anything over the (20 kg or 44 lbs) of Humanitarian Aid will be charged at $5.00 an additional kilogram.This is in addition to the regular checked luggage allowance of 2pcs (20 kg or 44 lbs) combined weight.You are also allowed to bring one pc of sporting gear (either scuba gear or golf clubs) as a courtesy.WestJet does not require the passenger to have a letter from them to show upon check-in regarding Humanitarian Aid. This procedure has been in place since Sept, 2005 and has been communicated out to all of their bases so they are aware of the guidelines around Humanitarian aid. Freedom Ryder 8-)……………….

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