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Returned to Canada from Panama on April 16. Awesome holiday. I would go back tomorrow if I could afford it. Did 10 days at the Decameron and 4 days at the Gamboa. Took 1200 pictures (didn’t think I took that many, but) Went on the Jungle boat tour, the Embera village, the Anton valley and the Panama city and canal tour. Amazing. I hope all you people going for the first time have as good a holiday as I did. Any questions? just ask.Looking forward to my next holiday. the decameron is building hotels in Lime, Peru and Morocco and somewhere else but can’t remember where. Brain is still on holidays.Take care

My husband andI are looking into going to panama maybe this march. I am leaning towards the gamboa because I love the animals and nature. but there isn’t a beach , obviously. did you find much more, nature wise, to see there, than at the decameron?

hi franklin, we did the 10/4 split but to the decapolis in panama. I realize you are thinking gamboa (and we did stop there to pick up ppl to the canal) and it looked amazing. The decapolis, well it was fine but it is the city and we found going from the pampering at the decameron to the "city" was quite a culture shock! or should i say "holiday" shock. I’m not sure what we were expecting (although shopping was incredible) it wasn’t what we had at the decameron. All in all, Panama, what a great place and one we would not hesitate to return to.

Hi Lynn: I just started a new thread to find out more about the shopping close to the decapolis, as we are doing the 10/4 split. Could you post some info about where to shop and what to buy!! We’re looking for deals!! thanks, debbie

This is an old post but I thought I might add some of my thoughts. My dh and I did the 10/4 at the Decameron and Gamboa back in Feb/Mar ’05. We really enjoyed both sites. From the Decameron we rented a car and saw the Anton Valley, which was just a lovely afternoon. Of course, we went to "Paynomoney" (lol) by the van for good shopping. The Gamboa was awesome. We took the excursion to visit the Embera Indians, which was truly a wonderful visit. The setting of the Gamboa on the Chagres River is, indeed, lovely and Nature there is fab. A trip to Panama City from the Gamboa is easy, I have heard. Unfortunately, we didn’t do it and I am kicking myself now that I have heard what great shopping there is to be had in P.C.!! We did, however, take a 1/2 day boat trip through part of the Canal–I had always wanted to experience the world-renowned Panama Canal-via an excursion offered from the Gamboa. This was a "plus" since we didn’t have the two-hour drive from the Decameron!! I doubt whether we will ever travel to Panama again, but it was fabulous to see it and I would recommend it to anyone.


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