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We are pretty much set on Iberostar Varadero except for it’s lack of options to do anything somewhat private with our guests in the evening to celebrate. I’m wondering if you got married in Varadero, what did your resort offer as options to do after the ceremony aside from go for dinner?
At Breezes Varadero we used the piano lounge (which was mostly private…a few people wandered in and then went to leave…I invited them to stay). The loungeluckily enough has a music system, I had made a CD with music for a reception. We had speeches and music in there…very informal. But I did get my first dance there. We all moved to the disco once it was opened. I did ask for the disco for before it opened, but the DJ had to be at the dinner show that night.


After the ceremony we went back to the pool bar to have some champagne and take pics around the resort. Nobody was there b/c of the time of day and then around 6pm we had dinner. They had a kind of superficial wall up for privacy. Check out my pics and you’ll see.

We are getting married at the IV in May and we are getting married at 430pm than we will be just taking pictures and hanging out at the lobby bar until dinner which is 7pm and then we are renting out the poolside and having a mini party-dance there for 10CUC a person with our own bar tender, music etc, plus they will open the disco early for us as well before it opens to the public at 11pm. That is what we’re doing after the ceremony. Hope this helps, any questions let me know.

We got married at Breezes Jibacoa. After the ceremony and photos etc, everyone came back to our room as we were lucky enough to have a suite. We had a few drinks there to fill in time until our reservation for dinner. Afterwards, we all went to the piano bar for the rest of the evening.

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