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What do you do in tricky situations? I read a post on another forum. We all run into difficult situations while travelling. Delayed flight changes, notifying your employer of very delayed (missing work) because of departures, your room must be vacated, long waits at airports. Or you hate the resort you booked and want to move ASAP. Perhaps lost luggage All the unexpected snafus that occur. Or how about foul food that you cannot eat? Many reasons to be annoyed. So how do you go about coping? Rant & rave? Enjoy the delay? You know what I mean. S@t happens.

I take whatever comes and let it slide. AI vacations are basically bargain basement, cattle class travelling so there’s bound to be things go wrong. If we have a really late flight home I always book an additional night separately directly with the hotel and I always allow for at least one day off when I get back before I have to return to work in case of delays. As for food, I can survive quite nicely on bread, cheese and fruit.

SharonAnn: We’re 2 peas in a pod. Cuba is a bargain compared to other islands. Weather is good, food for the most part is good; no housekeeping for us. Everything is done FOR you. What’s to Bi@@ch about? But I have seen guests attack the staff over tiny things. If staff had the wherewithal to do those things, it would be done. And as for food, I also agree – I can live on bread and cheese but I would prefer vegetables! And you’re right, about booking a day off when you’re supposed to be home. Fortunately, I don’t have that problem. Smaller resorts are more prone to accommodating you which is one reason we like the very small out of the way places.

I suppose it depends on your expectations. If I saved for years to be able to take this one trip then I might be more prone to insist that all goes smoothly. However frequent travellers can just chalk up problems to a learning experience and start planning the next trip.

You two have uncommonly good common sense.Some of the idiotic rants on some travel forums (Trip Advisor especially) strike me as beyond hilarious. I can’t believe it’s actual real grown-up adults posting.Cheers,


I can understand people being disappointed with their vacation, or having issues, but the old adage, “It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters” is important to me. I tend to steer far away from the drama queens … just don’t have time for their histrionics.

Terry: I think that some of those over-the-top posts on TA are from wind-ups. If they reacted like that all the time, they’d be institutionalized by now … either in a prison or a psych ward.

You just do what has to be done. Bad food? – eat something else. Air Transat loses your luggage on arrival in Puerto Plata? – Buy replacements and save the receipts. Then when they find your suitcase on the last day of the trip and say ‘Here it is, no compensation will be paid’, you have another souvenir.Flight delayed? – Go ahead and fly without the plane.You book in to a resort where the other 140 guests and all the resort staff only speak Italian? – Then I change resorts.

You just do what has to be done.

I guess it depends. My mother got sick in Mexico, and I ended up spending an extra 2.5 weeks more than I bargained for away from work and my family. My inlaws, who were babysitting my kids, were a pain in the ass who did NOT make things easier, but my employer was pretty good. I communicated via email, forwarding diagnoses and updates that way.

As to little schit ike getting bumped from my chosen hotel? Delayed flights? Go with the flow, baby.

I’ve never had more than minor inconveniences, but I can speculate about how I would handle it. Unless you have been through a major crisis……tested in battle, as it were……it’s hard to be sure, but I like to think I would just shrug and chalk it up to experience. I can’t see food ever being an issue for me. I don’t appreciate long waits at the airport, but not much you can do about it. Noisy neighbours can be a pain, but it would have to be bad before I’d request a room change. I would be annoyed if I was moved from the resort I preferred to one that I didn’t like, and in that case I would try my best to negotiate. I choose for location, and for example I would be majorly upset if I was switched from a snorkelling destination like Jibacoa to a place I don’t want to be, like Varadero. If I couldn’t finesse something I guess I would suck it up and make the best of it. Yelling seldom gets you anywhere, but bribery might, and I would try that if nothing else was working. (and get my TA to recover my costs from the tour operator later, if possible).

Sometimes it is possible to get what you need by just being persistent. No yelling, no drama, just repeating your request until they get tired of listening to you and figure the easiest way to get rid of you is to give you what you want. (Don’t try this tactic unless you are sure the person can supply what you need. Otherwise you are just wasting everyone’s time) But if I am on a beach in the sun there are few things that are that important.

Interesting read, I don’t like problems while travelling but being the loud complainer doesn’t help your situation, it just makes the people attempting to help not want to help you or if they do, you are usually last. However, how do you catch another plane if you are going to Cuba on a charter? And how do you check into another resort if you are on a charter. I’ve done neither, nor have I ever seen it done.

I guess it all boils down to how you are generally, as a person, in "real life". If you can empathise with a poster who whines about the "windy beach" or b*tches about the "absence of Ketchup at the Buffet", then you are nitpicky like them ( and not someone I’d want to spend a vacation with, can I have a Hallaloo?)

If the same poster makes you chuckle, it confirms that your stress-coping mechanism is A-ok and you are able to roll with the flow, go with the punches, and let the chips and dip fall where they may.

Life is wayyy too short to be angry. You got lemons? Make lemonade. Ya might even add some ronron and coconut liqueur in there while you’re at it

Screw ups happen! When it does, and you complain politely you will probably come out ahead. We’ve had a few incidents that could have led to arguments. But instead one became something in our favour. The Customer Service guy gave unlimited access to us for things we hadn’t paid for. I know it doesn’t normally happen that way but to me it was a compliment for understanding his responsibilities and our acknowledgement that he was right. Didn’t cause a scene but wow, the remaining week was super. So state your complaint, listen to the response and realize that you are talking to staff who have no choice in anything other than rules of management. One guy I will never forget, he applied to be moved to another resort down the beach and I offered to give him a letter of recommendation. He turned it down and said he needed to do it on his own. He moved to the top rated resort in the area. What a great way to keep friends. Courtesy and calm. That’s all you need!

From experience, a few years ago we booked two weeks at the Akumal Beach Resort in June for February of the next year. We had just spent a week there and had fallen in love with the resort and the snorkeling and the area too – lots of easy exploration possible. In November or December our TA advised us that we were being bumped to a 5* resort down the road because ABR was overbooked – they had started tearing down part of the older resort to prepare for renovations. We were hugely disappointed but the only thing the tour operator would do was refund our money…. We researched cost of flights and booking ABR on our own but that was way too expensive and since we had gotten a great deal on the initial booking, taking the credit wasn’t going to get us anywhere special so we sucked it up, did some research on the new place and found out that there was snorkeling off the beach and that we could take the collective to Akumal Bay and snorkel there. We ended up having an excellent vacation although the mega resort was not to our liking we now can say been to a 5* and probably won’t spend the extra $$$ in the future. The only other time I complained was when we were booked into an upstairs room with no balcony – I asked politely for a room with a terrace or balcony (like the outside space) and was accommodated the next day.

I love lemonade


Oh, and we did book for Akumal Beach Resort the next year for two weeks, asked for the older rooms as we loved them and had a super excellent vacation!

Well, I now have something new to contribute to this thread. The day before we were scheduled to fly to Farallon the tour operator informed my TA that Farallon was closed and we would be going to Marea, to one of the Cabanas. We had specifically booked Farallon, the VIP package, and this change did not suit us. My TA negotiated a full refund from Sunwing, including the $50 we had paid for cancellation insurance, and we had a choice to make. She checked the packages available in our price range for all tour operators who had flights departing the same day and had room on the plane, and gave us a list of options. As it turns out, we did book with Sunwing again, to Los Corales, but we could have gone with anyone. (we were considering Villa Covarrubias with Nolitours, but my friends didn’t want the long bus ride). We have just returned from an excellent vacation, and I didn’t have to fight to make the switch, or waste my time on the phone. A good Travel Agent is gold, as I have said before!

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