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With the flight delays I’m reading with Sunwing what do people do at the airport to pass the time? We have always been lucky and haven’t given this much thought until recently.  Of course, it wouldn’t be too bad if delayed at the other end you could always sit outside & enjoy the warm weather & Cuban airport fumes  but otherwise it could be painful.  Cards, sit at the bar…… what?

delay in Cuba or home destination?

I always keep a journal when I travel so at either end it is time to write. I also always carry playing cards with me – so there is always that. plus I carry a camera so again I can play with that for hours at an airport.

Delay either way. I hadn’t thought of cards until I read a thread on another forum so that’ll be included in my carry on. It would be painful to be stuck at Pearson in Toronto….

If you are delayed at Pearson, you can check in at the Premiere Lounge for $50. + tax per person (3 hours). Sounds steep but it includes buffet style lunch, self-serve bar (limited selection of wine/beer/drinks), a decent assortment of newspapers and TVs. I could easily fritter away that amount in a few hours at any airport just by purchasing a magazine, a newspaper, and a few sarsaparilla. There are similar lounges at other airports (Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, etc).
It is usually a much saner place to hang out than the general departure lounge.

If the delay isn’t too long, read a book or play with my Ipod. If at Pearson, or somewhere else with wifi, I could check the forums and even moan about my plight. Maybe try to win the contest if there’s someone around to talk to! I tend to be restless even with the usual time frame, so with a delay it would be good if I had company, if only someone to watch my carry on while I go for a walk. (worst part of travelling solo is having to take your carry on everywhere with you, including the washroom! It’s the one argument I can agree with for not having a carry on)

I’ll start at the bar, then read for a while, wander around a bit, back to the bar…

We stock up on reading material (magazines) and carry them in our carry-on. I also enjoy crossword & cryptoquote puzzzles. Or we strike up conversation with fellow travellers. Pray the delay isn’t too long .

I’m a fan of airport executive lounges with big soft chairs.

I’m with Monctonguy, but after my rant and pacing are over, I usually settle down with my Kobo.

Won’t go to the bar. Prices are outrageous. Just walk around, read my Kobo, do a crossword, look at people (my favourite way to pass the time). Get bored, go for another walk. Ask people where they are going and who are they flying with. You can’t change the delay, so you might as well make the most of it.

thanks all for the ideas ! If I was by myself I would definitely get into reading my Kobo but since my SO is with me, I need to keep him occupied lol. Mad, I like the lounge idea and will check into to find out what it’s all about. Otherwise, go for a walk, walk to bar, go back to seat, walk to bar, go back to seat, blah blah blah AND then curse Sunwing for this delay. Sounds like a plan to me. Again, this isn’t something that I’ve thought about until today. Will also bring crossword puzzle = SO MIGHT be interested in that.  Won’t get into electronics (except for Kobo) as that is our promise to ourself that it is put away and not taken out until one week later.    Great ideas.

Talk to strangers….. Met Terry that way in Florida many years ago this way.

One thing about our vacations is that its totally electronic free…no laptop and no cell phones. Canuks that is what we do….we have met some awesome people at the airport and to date, are still great friends.

I start at the bar as well and hope to run into someone interesting. If that fails, which is rare, I have my iPod (I’m a podcast junkie) or put on some music and have a siesta.

does the airport not have wifi so you can watch a movie or something? Does anyone know the answer to the question regarding wifi at the airport? Thanks in advance.
No WiFi at any airport in Cuba.Setting aside the enormous amount of work it takes to maintain and update a FAQ article about Cuba, it never works in my opinion for a few reasons… Cuba is not an exotic destination and a guide book will answer 80% of a first time independent travellers questions… for everything else it’s better to get accurate, up-to-date answers from frequent travellers. Changes happen so fast sometimes (example: the money exchange situation) that getting peer reviewed answers to specific questions is always safer.Cheers,


WiFi at a Cuban airport? Not much chance yet. Maybe next season.

I would walk around or play with my smartphone. In Canada I would read and surf net on my phone in Cuba I would walk around ..maybe spend some CUC last minute in free shop or talk with people around me.

WiFi at a Cuban airport? Not much chance yet. Maybe next season. Well see, I never would of imagined they wouldn’t of had wifi… so thanks.So, I guess there is no option to check-in online or hook-up to a website to see delays regarding delays either then.
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Regarding checking for delays, I always use the hotel computer before we leave for the airport to see if the plane that’s on its way down has departed and is on time. At least then I know if there will be a wait at the airport.

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