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This is not a Cuba question, but since we are often on our way to Cuba and find ourselves waiting at the airport for 2 or more hours I am asking here.

We fly out of YYZ (Toronto,Ont). We play cards, charge batteries on the laptop &/or phone….. walk around a bit. I thought I would throw it out to you guys….What do you do while you wait?

Do you know of any gems you care to share of what to do at your airport while you wait?

Well, last time I was at Pearson I managed to level up on Angry Birds a couple of times.

Seriously, I usually plug in my netbook or ipod (whichever I have), maybe send a couple of emails. I generally have reading material with me, probably on my Kindle, and I might shop for more. Depending on the time of day I would perhaps be looking for a meal or at least a coffee……which is a bit challenging, because I cannot abide coffee in paper cups, but I have managed to find it in real mugs at both Terminal 3 and Terminal 1. If I’m solo I do some people watching, if I’m with friends I have someone to chat with. The time usually goes by fairly quickly.

Well usual is cross security /customs…hit duty free shop; sometimes we purchase sometimes we don’t. after tat…find a seat at the bar and order a drink (or 2 or 3) and people watch and guess if they are on our flight. most times I loose.
If I’m flying from Manchester I can get complimentary access to one of the Lounges there so I indulge in free food and drinks and free Wi-Fi until it is time to board.Unlike Canadian airports, UK airports only give you a short period say 30 minutes of free Wi-Fi unless, of course, you are in one of the Lounges.
We have used the Maple Leaf Lounge last year when we flew first class with AC to Holguin, and LOVED it! Free food, drinks, wifi, comfy sofas, tvs, etc. I believe its $25pp if you aren’t first class, but you have to be on a AC flight, so only AC customers can use it. Not flying AC this year otherwise, I would use it in a heartbeat – what a great way to start your vacation early! We always use the VIP at the Holguin airport too which is the same price and is a comfortable way to wait for that dreaded flight home

This year, no first class available… so we usually just find a bar and have a drink or two, and people watch…

Maple Leaf Lounge is nice I was there only once but I usually find myself walking around and trying to stretch my legs as much as possible as I know I will have few hours of the sitting in the airplane. Sometimes if I travel with friends we would sit at the bar and have a drink or 2. I would use Wi-Fi and finish sending emails to relatives and friends or visit Debbie’s forum to see if there is new topics or PMs

We usually always have conversations with different people in the departure area, and see if this is the first time they have travelled or where they have travelled to in the past.

Good thing to do JetPilot. I do like the guessing game about who is going where. I’ve found that quite often there are 2 departure gates together and you wonder which passenger is going where? So talking to people and getting acquainted is a great gateway to new friends.

I’m Acadian so naturally… I’ll be chatting with fellow tourists. You get to meet some really nice folks in an airport

The other thing I do while I’m waiting is read. You know, as in a book. Yep, a REAL, made-of-paper book. I kid u not.

You know, as in a book. Yep, a REAL, made-of-paper book. I kid u not. I prefer real books myself, but the Kindle is good for travelling. A lot less space and weight than taking several books! At home, give me a real one anytime.

Too much nervous energy to do anything. I pace, watch for our plane to arrive, watch them unloading and loading, double check my boarding pass/passport several times – drives my husband crazy.

The Lounges are the way to do it. So much quieter, drinks, food,newspapers, some of them have showers to change and clean up in. No wait or line ups for bathrooms.But, the Maple Leaf lounge is no longer available unless you have first class, special Aeroplan or a pass. Can no longer walk up and pay for it even with a AC ticket.

I don’t enjoy spending time or $ at the airport so I generally try to get there as late as possible to avoid all the sitting around and waiting, without cutting it to close of course.

I read the newspaper… Visit all the stores in the departure area several times… Stare at my watch… Sometimes have a beer, but find the prices way to expensive to have more than just one or two… Walk up and down the airport…. Stare at my plane being loaded, hoping to spot my suitcase… Visit all the stores again, but refrain from buying anything… Read another newspaper…. Stare at my watch…

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