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Hello all… i normally travel to Cuba or Mexico, where i leave little things for the maids, toothpaste, toothbrushes, hygiene products, stuff for kids, etc… what do you do in Jamaica? Money? if so how much per day based on 2 adults in a room?I am going to Ocho Rios in 3 weeks…


I normally travel to the D.R. as well and will be taking the same type of things. Some small trinket type stuff as well as a few dollars per day. Normally I leave $2-3 for the maid and $2-3 in the mini-bar to keep it well stocked.

If there is anything different i should be doing, I hope i hear from someone on here about it……..

There are certain resort chains that tipping is included ei.. Super Clubs, and is not allowed, please be carefull to not tip, as the staff can get fired, jobs in these countries are hard to come by and you would not want to be responsible for someone losing their jobs!!
Another thing is, if you start slipping them $$ on the side this ruins it for the people that abide by the rules, they may get slower service.

robmorin…how did you like OCHI??! Monctonguy…..save your trinkets for the DR.

Jamaicans like the green back and lots of it! They don’t need our swag…I think the term BLING was born in Jamaica

Bahia resorts allow tipping. I think your $2-3 US per day for your maid would be fine, and generally a few bucks per sitting for Bartenders and wait staff is the norm. If it’s not enough, they’ll let you know! We pay tour guides/cabbies $5-$10 per trip depending on the length of the tour.

Watch for the bell boys at the airport, they’ll grab your bags and before you know it, you’re signing a second mortgage. Just say no thanks and take your own…save your $$

Sunluvr…thks for the tips. I defn don’t let anyone at any airport carry my bags for me..maybe in another 40 yrs…lol.Good to know about the trinkets as well. Won’t take up space this year in my suitcase than!

I heard they really like the tips down there, but I don’t give them out cause I feel I have to, but rather if I appreciate the service or the attention they are giving me. However, if they feel the need to let me know, well I won’t go there……

Just tipped cash to the maids and everything was fine in the room. Tipped cash to the bartenders as well.

Off the resort, they will flat out ask you for tips everywhere you and and from everyone you see. That’s when I didn’t tip.

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