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As you can see on my ticker, time is a countin by! whoo hoo…I’ve noticed some have favorites, whether it’s food or drink…Let’s share so i can try ;D
Hi llynbMy favourite is " sancocho "- soupAnything made with "chorizo "- hot spanish sausageAnd of course " ceviche "- fish marinated in lime juice with onions.If you are staying at Costa Blanca ask a taxi driver to take you to Penonome for a Panamanian lunch. He will know where to take you.Enjoy!


we are at the RD but plan on hopping on the local bus and going in.
Can you recommend a particular place to stop and have a bite to eat there?

Favorite food has to be the shrimp we ate on the shrimp boat tour. It is the boat you see anchored out in front of the RD. They are definitely not cocktail shrimp. The beer and booze was pretty good to !!!!!

how was the tour? do you have to have pretty good sea legs? or is it fairly stable? especially if you add some alcohol to the mix… How long does it go for and you do think it’s worth it?

Come on the rest of you!!!! so far i have ate for 2 days, still need 8 more days of food and drink to go!!

ok- where to start????Well, I really like the white cheese that I have at my friends house. I have seen something similar at the resort but its not quite the same. The texture of the cheese that my friend gets is different but I love it with bread. Next- Columbian hotdogs. Theres a little like stand that my friend takes us to and they have these hot dogs that have pinapple, potato chips, white cheese, and some other stuff on them. They sound gross but they taste great. When she came to Kentucky for my sisters wedding, we made our own version of these hotdogs and although they weren’t exactly the same, they were still good and brought back good memories.Arroz con Pollo- Rice with chicken- my friend makes this and you can also get this at the resort (Especially if they have Panamanian night at one of the buffets). There are a few other favorites of mine, but just thought I would wet your appetite.


Lynnb: If you like shrimp, you will have to try the Breaded Shrimp at El Canal. You get a side of mashed potatoes – excellent. Also ask for a dish of coconut rice – superb. Kelley: Premium alcohol can be found in the lobby bars. Usually a sure thing at Lobby 1 bar.Cervesa – there were two but I can only remember Balboa.

Veronica: That hot dog sounds absolutely to die for. You definitely won’t find that at the RD.

oh, I forgot the drinks. At the resort I love to have a cold cerveza. I think the brands at the resort are Atlas and Balboa but my fave brand in Panama is Soberana!!! As far as mixed drinks- my 2 favoritea are moreno ardient (roughly translated "Hot black male") and sexo en la playa. Wow not long now til beach time!!!!!
lynnb;The boat is fairly stabble, the afternoon we went out in it. You would want to be carefull when you climb the steps to the second level. it is not overly rough water out there. The tour takes about 3 hours. They lower the shrimp nets and catch a wide variety of stuff. You have to see the size of the shrimp!!!We even had a baby barracuda in our net. The cruise goes out at 3:00 pm and we came in after 6:00 pm. Really nice view of the sunset out on the water. We went with my in laws who are in their 70’s. we had a great time. Our group was only about 15 people, nice size party group. After we had the shrimp, they were playing music, people dancing and of course drinking. I would reccomend the trip.

Bebbie, the other brand of beer you were talking about was Atlas, I think you had already said Balboa.

You are correct Refchief I believe it was Atlas. I knew it started with an ‘A’.

Okay now we definitely have to go back and do the Bubba Gump shrimp boat tour. Saying you got a really nice view of the sunset piqued my interest.

Veronica I totally forgot about that drink "Moreno Ardient". You had mentioned a long time ago. Remind me next time I go, okay?

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