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Hi all,

Just wondering on what websites or travel agencies that you use to book your trip and why? I have been once to Holguin and once to Cancun and found that the internet offers the better prices and is for the most part worry free. Just wondering on what websites/travel agencies you book through and why? (i.e price, service, etc.)

Hola PuggsThe travel site that I use all the time now is yourtraveltickets.com.The prices for vacations are really good and the service I receive is awesome.We ‘Scuba Dive’ and YTT always gets confirmation from the airline letting us know that we can bring our gear as extra baggage with no extra fee. They send us a confirmation letter with this information in it as well for check in at the airport.We often get YTT to contact the airline for extra baggage allowance for Humanitarian Aid as well. A couple of times I have contacted the airline directly for the HA allowance but YTT will do this for us as well if we ask them to.If you book over the internet you can also speak to an agent on the phone and they will walk you through the booking procedure as you are filling out the information on line.Our last two trips we booked in ‘2008, on line, we received a nice letter thanking us for choosing YTT and we also received a $10.00 gas card for each vacation we booked.The personal service is incredible and I now choose YTT for every trip we book.We have used other sites in the past to book as well and we have never had a problem with any of them.

Freedom Ryder 8-)………….

tripcentral.ca to watch price trends but yourtraveltickets for booking has been my site of choice for several years now. Price and communication as well as results are the primary reasons.

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I use Holiday Market Travel, out of Toronto. Always had good communications with them and never a problem. If I find a cheaper price from another site, they will match it, less $10. Diane

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