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First Timer to Cuba. What should I bring that would be different when packing for Dominican Republic? I know about the insulated mugs but I have also seen some posts where there is discussion concerning soaps, shampoos, etc in travel size to lighten the load. Can it be assumed that one might have to bring their own toiletries? Staying at the 1920 by the way.

One thing I was happy to have was facecloths – there are none in most hotels.

vmontpetit Guest Carry on bag:Antiseptic towelettesPens, a small notepadChewing gum for the takeoff and landing.Passport and hotel and plane ticketsBathing suitShorts and T Shirt (in case suitcase goes astray)Digital cameraGlasses or spare contacts lenses (cleaning fluid, case etc.)Magazine

Checked Luggage

Sunscreen and sunglassesBug spray for mozziesA first aid kit is always handy to bring as well as well as any type of medication you might need, Imodium, ibuprofen, antibiotic cream, aspirin, Gravol, etc. Tweezers, scissors, safety pins band aids, compresses, tape, gauze, alcohol wipes. A cream for dry skin when you have had too much sun. A small spanish/english phrase guide.Extra batteries for gadgets (digital cameras) as they cost a fortune at the resorts.Copies of passport and tickets, hotel vouchers.Snorkelling equipment: fins, mask and snorkel, life vest.Insulated mug for drinks (useful for the beach and pool)Paperback trashy novel (or Darwin’s Origin of Species, if you prefer) for the beach and when you have to wait anywhere.Sandals (or preferably Crocs) Nail clippers, Q tips, razors, hair brush, I always bring a scrub brush for washing in the shower. deodorant. Shampoo, bars of soap.Plastic bags for wet clothing.

Rule #1) Never put anything of value in your checked luggage

I’m pretty sure the resorts in Varadero provide soaps and shampoo; however, I always bring my own shampoo & conditioner. Someone suggested the bar type shampoo & conditioner from Lush but I never tried them so I’m not sure how good they are.

Also bring a few packages of tissues with you in case the washrooms off resorts don’t provide toilet paper. Hand sanitizer is also a good idea.

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