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Hi all,We’ll be a small group (under 10, say) going as first-timers to Havana in a few weeks (from Varadero), and spending 5 or so hours in the city (1/2 day).We’ll be most likely going up with a hotel employee we know who does sightseeing tours on his days off (registrered A/C vans) and he will no doubt ask us what type of excursion we want: the official or the "off the beaten path with a friend". There is, of course, the option of going through the hotel (Sunwing is our carrier) for this excursion. So…

In your expert opinion, what are your "must-sees" — without running around like tourists er I mean chickens with our heads cut off! Oh, and any suggestions for lunch would also be appreciated.

how could we have lost such a great and knowledgeable member Any of us are subject to being banned if we don’t follow the forum rules even after several warnings to smarten up. Unfortunately with a banning comes a loss of knowledge, especially when a member decides to delete their previous posts or move them to another forum.

Nice to see someone else knew where to find the info. It’s a bit dated but still valuable.


Have you considered taking the Viazul bus from Varadero to Havana. Steve’s walking tour that Eeeefarm posted is a great start. You wouldn’t really need a guide.

Of course I understand that we don’t need a guide, but for several reasons (one being that one person in our party is recuperating from a broken leg) we’ve decided on a "private" guide and a slightly shorter visit, so hopefully less time in the van
vagabond Guest Best money I ever spent was on a day tour with one of Jorge’s guides, a first time visitor to Havana is just wasting time/money trying to self-guide. IMHO

Of course a few who have being going there for years Steve, Martain & the biggest egomaniac of them all, Don Thomas will try to tell you different.

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