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Those are some really funny replies above.These pearls of wisdom all came from the same Cuban travel "expert."Throw candy to kids, they love it.Tip in Loonies.Gifting anything to anyone under any circumstances is the best.Expired Canadian presciption medicine is okay for another year or so.Cuban Americans are not Cubans anymore.Cheers,


Worst advice for me was to buy dollar store "gifts"…the Cuban people love that stuff. Yes, we were given that advice, too. Along with "English print books" ~ the Cubans like to learn to read english. We made up large ziploc bags full of a variety of items to hand out. It felt just so weird ~ we were so uncomfortable doing that!

We never did it again, after reading the great advice here on Debbie’s.

Recently read on a travel site to never put toilet paper down a Cuban toilet, may plug up the plumbing. Further instruction was to deposit the paper in receptacle container provided.

I have always done that in the Caribbean. I mean putting MOST of used TP in the trash receptacle. Few places have the sewer capacity to handle the amount of TP that North Americans and Europeans use. To tell you the truth, I think North America could also use the same guideline. If the TP is just wet, drop into the compostable bin and it is gone to a better place. I know that the #2 TP can be nasty, and I wouldn’t hesitate to flush it. I’m not an environmentalist, but it is one of the easier things to do. Remember having to rinse out glass jars (all the water down the drain), strip the paper labels off (went into the trash bin); put the glass jar into the small blue bin (minus the metal top which went into the trash bag). Spent more time doing that, then I do with used toilet paper and I’m saving water at the same time. Geeze, I’m getting old – I remember when we had daily garbage pickup.

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