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This thread is way too slow…… Hope it’s because everyone has gone south….

139 more days… ;D

I was wondering the same thing
I was thinking the same thing. I know Vyro is there now. Kelley and Lynn are on their way this Monday. Perhaps too busy packing and getting things done to pop on her. Hey Marc, where are you heading in 139 days?

My next booked destination is Arizona………..going April 24. That is as far south as I am going for the time being. LOL

Hi guys, it is finally here 1 more sleep left 8-).been busy packing and stuff. Talk to you all in 2 weeks. ;D
Bebbie,Usually we’ll head for Cuba for 2 weeks in August….. but who knows where last minute deals will take us…. we always keep our options open..Kelley,

Hope you have a great 2 weeks and ENJOY a few for us who stay behind…

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