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bearman Guest For the past two years on Debbie’s when questions arose as to weddings on resorts I have always recommended do the legal in Canada (or other home country) and have the marriage registered here and do your "Ceremony" at the resort and have a great time there with family and friends.Now we hear that over two hundred couples who were wed in Punta Cana did not have their marriages legally registered. This is not the first time. I had couples phone me who had a "legal ceremony" in Guyana who then had to be legally married in Canada as their marriages were not registered in Guyana. The same happened to a couple wed in eastern Europe.A simple ceremony performed where you live is all that is required for registration. Out of 750 weddings that I have performed about 40 wed here and had the "ceremony" outside the country to avoid any problems. Another 3 weddings were repeaters due to non-registrations in another country.I know thousands do get married at resorts each year without problems, but then who wants to be "the one" that encounters problems. Certainly the 3 couples mentioned above were distressed when they contacted me.

Have a great wedding and a great honeymoon, but be smart – get legally married where you live and avoid potential problems.

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