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Maybe some suggestions would help me choose, here is our criteria:- A+ beach- small, quieter resort (older is ok) but should be clean with a decent bed- budget minded- no interest in loud, constant entertainment (OMG…I sound like my Grandmother!) We turn in early and rise early.- be nice to get off resort a few times to see some ‘sights’- direct flight from Hfx.- Hopefully not too ‘kid friendly’..don’t mind them, but don’t want to be ‘over run’ with the little ones.- Food, a non-issueSo far I’ve looked at:- Brisas Guardalavaca- Gran Caribe Club Cayo Guillermo (old Cojimar)- Club Kawama, Varadero- ROC Barlaveto- Brisas CovarubbiasI was at Brisas Guardalavaca in 2000 and Iberostar Daiquiri (next door to Cojimar) so I know that area.We like to beachcomb, read, walk and do alot of ‘relaxing’

Any opinions would be appreicated…….thanks, Diane

No clue, but Kawama has a very rabid group of return guests who really treat it as home. I’ve met people who’ve been there dozens of times.Cheers,


Thanks Terry……I do like the proximity to town and the beach is very nice at Kawama. I think they have some renos going on this fall and winter….?
Decisions, decisions, decisions…….

My wife and I booked just recently a trip to Palma Real for a week starting Nov 22nd, recent reviews are a little lacking but we know to not read too much into them, our last few trips have been to Kawama, Villa La Mar and Barlovento so we know exactly what to expect at a budget resort We paid $1253 total(WestJet) for two out of Charlottetown for the trip, plus another $250 westjet mastercard point dollars that we used. We are pretty pumped for this trip, instead of Moncton/Halifax, we avoid the Confederation bridge (near $500, gas, usual hotel room due to crappy sunwing travel times, food, parking and a 2-3+ hour drive home(another bonus is the exit tax is now included) We are now 20 mins away from home instead of 2-4 hours. Credit card points aside, this is a sub $1000 trip for us all things considered!!

Just to add, Kawama is great, we will likely return in the near future, and consideredit this time, except we really want to experience the "other end of the strip" for a change!

Well I don’t about all of these places but if you want to get "off resort to see sights" Cayo Guillermo is not really that kind of place. I guess Playa Pilar beach but other than that it’s a long way to Moron and not really all that much there when you get there. Great spot but not really a place to go if you want to do off resort things.

The reason we enjoy the Holguin area is for the easier access to mainland sites.

We love PRDO but also have had a great vacation twice at Playa Costa Verde – which meets most if not all of your criteria(s). You have been there before but that was 14 years ago in ’01 so maybe time to go back as it is much more ‘budget’ friendly than PRDO

I agree with Canuks that the PCV is an excellent resort if you opt for the Holguin area. It’s not an adult only but during the times we were there really weren’t a lot of kids. The beach isn’t long but there are paths along the shore past the BCV that are interesting to explore. Entertainment at the pool or beach was not at all overly loud or annoying and there are lots of places around the resort to just sit and relax.

Yes….. PCV was a great place….however, when I factor in $4200 + Ins…we’re looking at around $4500.Kawama is the cheapest at $3554 (incl. Ins.)Barlavento is next at $3752 (incl. Ins.)Brisas Guardalavaca Villa $3632 + Ins.This is travelling first 2 weeks in April.

I set $4000 as my max this time ( everything incl.)……so I’m really telling myself to "stay on budget"

I will vote for Kawama. I’ve been 2.5 times and I love it. The beach is beautiful, and the resort is REALLY spread out, so you’re not on top of each other at all times.

I also stayed at Barlovento and really did not like it. At all. That’s where my .5 trip to Kawama comes in. I’d booked Kawama, got bumped to Barlovento, HATED it, so spent my nights at B. and my days at K (I had two wristbands). The beach is a lot smaller there, and I don’t know if it’s because I was traveling solo, but I had terrible service in the buffet, and only marginally better at the bars.

Terry…..2, me & hubby. We really do just ‘veg out’ and relax on vacation…beach is the most important.

Diane, how many people are travelling for that price?Cheers,


I wanted to ask same question so 2 people but how many weeks?

I think $4000 for 2 of you is for 2 weeks right?

It is for 2 people, two weeks…right Admin.

OK…so now I`m throwing Hotel Colonial Cayo Coco…into the list. Sunwing offer it March 30 for 2 weeks for $3788( Includes taxes and Insurance….) within my budget and sounds pretty good.

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