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I’m trying to plan a vacation for about January 20th. I can’t decide between going to Grand playa turquesa, sol rio de luna y mares in cuba or the fun royale tropical in the dominican. They all sound great. It’s so hard to choose.What may make the decision for me is weather. Which tends to have warmer and nicer weather. Any input would be great.crissi
To be honest Crissi, and in our personal experience, we’ve found the Dominican Republic to be the warmer at the end of January but that is always subject to what Mother Nature has in store.Given the choice though, not depending on weather, I’d chose Cuba.

Cuba will change forever, it’s just a matter of time! Go and experience Cuba as it is right now while you can.

I think we are going to go to cuba. You are right that change will be coming to the area soon and I want to see it as it is.As for weather, I found this site that others may find helpful for vacation planning. I don’t know where I should post it. This is the holguin page but you can type in whatever destination you want. I already checked puerto plata as well and the temperatures were pretty close to holguins. Didn’t like the look of the rain in holguin though!!! I know it isn’t the rainy season and well, we can’t control the weather. Here’s the link


A couple of other websites I have bookmarked and always like to check before traveling are:-


www.wunderground.comThe first site will give forecasts up to 15 days in advance. The day before departure, I like to print this forecast to take with me and so far, I have found it to be rather accurate.The second site has an interesting link for checking historical weather patterns- in other words, what was the weather like at a specific location on any given day last year and earlier (I believe up to 5 years ago).

If only we could predict the weather with 100% accuracy!

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