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My husband and I would like to go somewhere in the Caribbean in February or March. We were thinking Aruba but wondering if we can go somewhere that it isn’t quite as expensive. Flying from Minneapolis. We don’t normally like all-inclusive. What would you suggest. We do like to walk, shop, lay in the sun by the pool, and go to fun restaurants and bars. We don’t want it totally secluded.

Jamaica, Barbados, Manzanillo, Cozumel, Isla Mujeras, If you don’t want to drop a bundle I would scratch Barbados, unless you want to go on a cruise and see a bunch of places at once.I for one if you really want to get the best bang out of your buck would fly to Cozumel and stay in town, you can stay real cheap in a very pleasant clean friendly casa, right off the pedestrian square, right next to shopping and resturants, be within walking distance to places to swim, a short cab ride to beach clubs.There are nice places that have pools and beautiful gardens, that don’t offer AI. There are also many AI’s on the island that are very reasonable in comparison to any where else I have stayed in the caribbean. The up side to Cozumel is the island feel with the oppurtunity to still hop a ferry to the mainland to experience the rest of what Mexico has to offer, as well as Isla Mujeras just North of Cancun. Makes for a pleasant vacation.If you are interested in obtaining information on small intimate places to stay on the island of Cozumel feel free to give me a pm. I can give you some information.


:)Thanks for the great advice, deputy343 (although not directed at me ;)).

I’ve often scratched Coz off my list – for various reasons – and was really looking at Jamaica (BTW – which resorts have you stayed at in Jamaica?). Think I may re-think Coz, though.

Beaches Starfish, not by any mean the ritz, but affordable. I keep telling myself that I want to do some more exploring of the caribbean myself and have every intention of doing so and have these plots to do that very thing, but when it comes right down to it, many of the places I want to go are very expensive Or you can find a cheap place to stay but the airfare will kill ya, or vice versa. It doesn’t seem like you can win in this day and age. AND LET ME TELL YOU, I can scour the ends of the earth for a good travel deal.

I like staying at smaller resorts ;D I don’t do well with big huge resorts where I have to walk FOREVER go get to the beach and then walk forever to get to the bar and then walk forever to get to my hammock and forever to run to the bathroom

I have good intentions on going some where different every year, and old faithful reliable and affordable Cozumel has been in the wings the past two years for us. We haven’t been disappointed in the least. ;D

I think I was just saying to someone, the year that Americans are finally cleared to go to Cuba and I go and Cuba travelers please don’t spit in my face…LOL but my luck I will prolly hate Cuba for some crazy weird reason, most likey because it has been on my list for such a freaking long time, and the wait has been so long that well YOU KNOW! Any way I don’t know where I was going with that…

Another place I really want to go is Margarita Island, Anyone been?


Another place I really want to go is Margarita Island, Anyone been?


Me too! I’d love to go. Can’t convince Beau, though. Maybe a girls trip?

NOW there’s an idea, you think that island can handle a tour of women?? I don’t know if the Venezuelan government would laugh, cry run and hide or applaud such a rush of craziness! ;D ;D ;D

I sure would like to experience the atmopshere though…and of course the .80 cent beers I have heard about WHO CAN DENY THAT!!!!!!


and of course the .80 cent beers I have heard about WHO CAN DENY THAT!!!!!!Sorry for butting in here, but $0.80 beer…..I’m changing my name from Jake to Jane and buying a ticket……always wanted to be "one of the gilrs".
wossa Guest Mmmmmm Jake, can you re-think the name as I am not sure I can live with another Jane….. ???……long story dude….. which I will share over a glass of tequila with you sometime in Cozumel.. ;D

Wossa…….. ;D

"A" glass of tequila in Cozumel……..Wossa, we need to talk more than you think, if it involves any trashing, toss the glasses and bring out the mugs.
Did I say "Jane", sorry I meant Judy, Joan, Jenny, or maybe we’ll just stick with the "Drinking Donkey". With the "D’s" of the alphabet I’m sure to come up with something…….especially with the "double D’s", but we’ll really have to leave that for a nice cool evening and a mug or two of Don Julio.

Jake, you’re more than welcome to come along with the girls. No name-change needed. We’ll just expect you to buy at least the first round of .80 cent beers!
shirleyujest, at .80 per beer, ya’ll just might get to keep your pennies in the bag and I’ll take care of all the beer. Was thinking of making my new name "Jean of Cape Breton"……."home-blood line thing".If I supply all the beer, we may have to discuss some form of compensation for the treats………HEY, I’m not that kind of girl (how’d that sound, just practicing for when the guy’s starting hitting on the new girl). I was thinking, I would supply the .80 beer and the rest of the girls could chip in together to bye Jean a few shots of Don Julio.

Have to remember to buy the donkey a couple of beer too.

Hmmm, Sounds good Jake,Just dont leave Phone number on a stall ;D
Good to see you ole buddy,hope you are behaving WHat Island again?

SUJ can I come

Donkey?!? I thought that was only in Mexico BigRed – we’re talkin’ Margarita Island. Wanna come?

Hmm, I wonder if they serve margarita’s there?

Yes ..I wanna come ;D Count me in…I like Beer
What ya think Shirl? Think we need to start chargin for this? I Think we can get a free vacay to Margarita Island out of this…YIPPPEEEEEE.You can drink the margaritas, just give me the tequila, and well of course I want all the 80 cent beer that the island has. I have this knack at finding cheep beer, and not bad cheep beer, good cheep beer. I don’t know what it is..but I am not complaining… ;D

Deputy ;D

Nuttin like good cheap beer on an exotic island

shirleyujest, anywhere Jake….I mean "Jean of CB" goes, there’ll always be a donkey around :D, especially if we get to follow the Deputy to the cheap beer supply ;D.
Hey Bigred, great to hear from you, maybe we could help them get rid of some of that cheap beer ;), I’m in for that, or the Margarita’s……or the Tequila….or the, I’d better slow down, I think I’m starting to feel the effects already :o.

Jake…What about Margaree Island ;D
Good in Summer ;D
I’ll pass on the Margarita’s and just join you for the tequila, Deputy. And, of course, the cheap beer.
Margarita’s, Tequila and cheap beer :D……if I had known it was this much fun being one of the girls, I’d have tried it long ago

Jake….I mean Jean, yeah that’s it, Jean

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