Which website is best for translating Spanish to English? | Debbie's Caribbean Resort Reviews Forums

Google translator for is good but for travelers that travel often to Cuba and Spanish speaking countries I would suggest to learn Spanish with software Rosetta Stone. Its fun to learn something new and good for our brains!

In respect to learning, I studied Spanish in high school, took night courses at community college, tried various software, attended a language academy in Costa Rica and travelled quite a bit in Spanish speaking countries. I find the free online site, Duolingo is as good or better than anything else I have tried.

For cool the new Google translate for Android is terrific. You just point the phone’s camera at the text and it translates on screen. It will also translate and speak a conversation in real time between persons speaking different languages but needs an internet connection to do this.

Thanks for this RWS. I just had a quick look at it and did a run. We will be using this often for the next while. Had never heard of this before. Sure beats buying Rosetta Stone (which is good); but it is expensive. Thanks again for the tip. I’m sure others will be trying it as well.

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