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wossa Guest HiWe are wanting to head to Honduras in February, early March, but were having trouble finding many tour operators that offer packages, other than YTT.We are looking at either Roatan or Utila, and would predominately go for the diving. Anyone can suggest alternative tour operators that could help us, it would be greatly appreciated.CheersWossa…….. ;D
We booked with Y.T.T. and the carrier is Conquest Vacations.We will be flying ‘Skyservice’ and they have also given us some awesome extra baggage and weight allowance to bring Humanitarian Aid to Honduras for an Orphanage in Roatan.

Time is ticking away and we are so excited to be heading back to Roatan, Honduras again.

Freedom Ryder 8-)……………..

wossa Guest Soooooo excited to be heading to Canada again to hook up with my diving buddy in just a few weeks time, and then pinging down to Roatan for a weeks fantastic diving !!We have managed to get loads of additional weight allowance for the Humanitarian Aid we have been collecting for the local Orphanage, which is just awesome of Skyservice…… ;D ;DWe are booking our dives through TGI, the reviews for them sound really good, and hopefully they will let us go off and explore by ourselves once in the water.

Freedom has some how talked me into completing a PADI Shark Specialty course whilst we are there……I hope this is nothing to do with the $1 million dollar life insurance policy Freedom recently made me take out with her registered as my next of kin…..

Just kidding Dawg, I know you need someone to carry your diving weights through customs for you on the way home …jejejeje….

Wos Man……… ;D

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