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I was just wondering how many of the folks here on the forum saw the Cosmos program that was broadcast on Fox (and Global in Canada), last night?It is a follow-up/sequal to Carl Sagan’s great series from 1980. I watched that one when it was first broadcast on PBS, and again when it was repeated about a year or so later. I thoroughly enjoyed it both times.In the new program, Neil Tyson does an excellent job of presenting it, and I think the show will cover as much fascinating information as the original. Sadly, nobody has the voice for this sort of thing that Carl Sagan had. But the voyage on "The Spaceship of the Imagination" looks promising as a vehicle for a great (imaginary) travel experience, even without Carl Sagan along to describe the "billions" of stars and galaxies we will see.For anyone that missed it last night, the program will be rebroadcast tonight on National Geographic Channel, and again on Friday afternoon and evening.

I missed it but would like to see it. I enjoyed the Carl Sagan series way back when. It was kind of hypnotic to watch.

I stopped watching TV Now everything I watch must be streamed through the Internet but many times they have full shows and National Geographic Channel will be there soon as I see some popular channels started streaming through Roku and xBOx. Some are free some are monthly membership.

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