who wins the prize for # of times banned from a Cuban forum? | Debbie's Caribbean Resort Reviews Forums

Yeah but terry/martin and steveyyz were the cause of most of Gordon’s banning from all Cuba forums, just sayin’! I don’t care, they all have something to offer, I just ask that they come back and respect each other
Just saying.… Terry, and SteveYYZ offered remarkable advice, amazing pictures and I believe in the hay-day of this forum they were a couple of the keystones that many of us look forward to reading their posts. along with a few others…..even the Friday posts
Yeah but terry/martin and steveyyz were the cause of most of Gordon’s banning from all Cuba forums, just sayin’! Well David….. up yours!!!!!!It’s one thing for a buffoon like Gordon to post nonsense, but when he posted patently FALSE and MISLEADING information that would cause HARM to either Cubans or visitors, well that was plane WRONG!!!!But it really doesn’t matter. I’ve moved onwards. Haven’t been to Cuba in almost 5 years now and while there are some aspects I miss, after about 30 trips I’m Cuba’d out. There’s an old saying… Never give a Cuban a 2nd chance to disappoint you. There’s a big world out there with some amazing places. Time to see more of it.Just returned from an amazing 16 days in Egypt, travelling 2400 km across the country/desert on a motor scooter with 45 other adventurers.You’all have fun now with your how much to tip… towel wars… should I leave toothpaste….. blah, blah, blah, blah……adios.


Good to hear from you again Steve. I had heard that you had given up on Cuba for the time being. Do hope to see you around in the future though. I don’t know whether or not you still post on 7Days, but I’m banned from there, as you may recall. Busman:To be honest that’s where I’m different from you, because if I was banned from a site, like I am from 7Days, I wouldn’t even think of asking to be taken back.

I believe we should concentrate on the great posts about travelling to Cuba guys and not who was banned and how many times was banned on the forums. Please post some informations about Cuba .. there is off topic section for things like this. So today I will move this thread to that section for people that would like to talk about this topic!

Some former members have clearly moved on and no longer have an interest in Cuba. I think we can all respect that. No one should feel they are being "forced" to be here.Coming back with a clear intention to disrupt the forum that Zee is working overtime to bring back for everyone’s enjoyment is unacceptable, rude & outright disrespectful to all members.I’m very happy to see Bellagio, wossa and many others coming back but I’m shocked to hear Bellagio was banned from another forum. I’ve always maintained that there is a huge difference between a true and useful forum and a pseudo forum which seems more like a chat room for dissing others. Not all forums are created equal!

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