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I dunno, but just seems to me that with the transportation system what it is in Cuba, you’d think that bikes would come in handy and/or be a welcomed alternative for all those AI workers who live within 30 min. of their workplace (like Varadero-Cardenas, for example, or Holguin to the coast). In all my trips to Cuba, have only seen a bike once… and it was the expensive kind driven by a tourist.

I’m just curious why that is. I know the obvious answer: there aren’t any because there aren’t any, period. But geez, if Canada can send yellow school buses, why not bikes?

I know there’s at least 4. I took them down then ‘forgot’ to bring them home.

I bet that with all the bikes that are scrapped each year , that parts could be swapped out and enough bikes could be made for every person in Cuba

People used to bring down bikes but because too many people were doing it, and shoving the bike boxes full of extra stuff, Sunwing had to charge. There’s only so much room in an airplane hold. Harold Hosein of CITY TV had a programme as well.

Bringing a bike down is a great gift, especially the further east you go in Cuba.

Harold had a great program called Recycle Your Bicycle.I helped load a few containers.There is a program offering individual bike for delivery.It seems that they are rehabbed racing bikes. I guess this would be rapid transit.


I went into Matanzas to drop off some umpire equipment for a local team last week and saw lots of kids riding what looked like pretty decent bikes. I also saw kids in Varadero downtown around 12th street with bikes, including a brand new tricycle. And last year, when I went to the village outside Jibacoa with Monteverde, the kids there had bikes as well. My friends who live in Santa Marta have 2 good bikes and I’ve seen lots of adults riding bikes within the communities where they live but not generally the resort workers – probably because where they live is too far to do on a bike? So there are certainly bikes in Cuba. But I totally agree that more of them would be super!

Lots of Cubans I know have bikes, but if they work on a resort they don’t usually ride them to work. They take the workers’ bus.

A local doctor near to the hotel was always being given bikes; it was said if you needed to buy a bike, the doctor could sell you one out of the stock received from Canadian tourists.I knew a Cdn who brought down a bike and also bought a motorcycle for the paramour, as well as helmets for both rides. Resort employee received it gratefully but never left their spouse.

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