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My wife is turning 50 this year in November and I would like to take her someplace special.We have been to my favorite Cuba and the Dominican as well.My wife is concerned about going to the Caribbean area in November since this is still considered the hurricane season.Anybody have any ideas as to a good place to try?Doesn’t have to be Cuba, central America could be a option as well.

Any and all ideas welcome.

First choice: Paradisus Rio de Oro in Holguin (Guardalavaca).Second choice: Royal Hideway Ensenachos (Cayo Ensenachos, Santa Clara).Other suggestions: Paradisus Princesa del Mar or Sandals Hicacos in Varadero.If you wait until the second half of November, you should be fine weather wise.

Keep us posted on your decision!

One of the best trips I ever took in November was to Costa Rica. We were there for two weeks and the weather was glorious. It was their "rainy" season which meant that every day it poured for about an hour but the weather was otherwise glorious. Because of the time of year it was very lush and tropical with wonderful flowers and birdlife. It was humid, though, so if you don’t like that don’t go in the rainy season. I’ve been back in April when it was dry and much preferred the weather in November. Just my 2 cents worth.

I must admit I am tempted by Costa Rica ( and yes, the Cuba aspect I intend to keep tabs on )The only thing about Costa Rica in November is the humidity will be murder on my asthma.Either way I intend to check out all the places you guys have listed .


While we enjoy Cuba in Nov & June – it can be a bit unperdictable. We had 2 trips altered this fall due to storms. Have you looked at the Dutch
www.travelnotes.org/LatinAmerica/dutch_antilles.htmThey seldom are the target of storms and a bit further south so tend to be a bit warmer …..

P.S. What a nice thing to do!

If you are flying out of Toronto, and looking for a date in November, then research San Andres Island…its my favourite destination. There are 5 Decameron resorts on this small island…..stay at one, play at them all. More a la cartes than you can fit in one week. Recommend staying at the Marazul or the Aquarium. Fabulous snorkeling, duty free shopping, friendly, safe. The only hiccough is the package only departs on Thursdays each week. Later in the season, the Toronto flight does pick ups in Montreal. Google Big Juice San Andres Island for more info….. a great website created by a guy from Windsor, ON. I also love all of AnneM’s suggestions for Cuba too.

As the OP is not looking, specifically, at Cuba as a destination, I’m moving this thread to General Caribbean where the OP is more likely to get more responses to other destinations.

Cancun – Le Blanc, the Excellence resorts in the general area, or maybe Sun Palace.Anse Chastanet in St. Lucia.Or to really avoid any risk of hurricanes, Pacific Mexico is a great option. Below are several real good options, none generally all inclusive but all real real nice. Most are not directly on the beach but have extraordinary views and are within easy walking distance – IMHO essentially all would put 5-star Iberostars to shame.Puerto Vallarta – stay in a FANTASTIC inn dominating the town within easy walking distance to the local beach and loads of good bars and restaurants — Casa Isabel.Zihuatenajo (near Ixtapa) – Suite at Brisas del Mar – and great restaurants within easy walking distance. Other good options there include the Villa de la Roca (Luxury b&b), Amuleto, Villa Carolina or for real price and quality, Tides or the Casa Que Canta hotel.
Not hot and sunny but Beau surprised me with a ViaRail train trip through the Rockies for my 50th! I loved it! We spent a week in the Caribbean, then flew in to Edmonton. Drove through the "Prairies" to Moosejaw and spent a night at the Temple Gardens. Then back to Edmonton and boarded the ViaRail and travelled through the Rockies to Vancouver. He had booked a Sleeper Car for us and it was so magical!

It’s a 50th I’ll never forget!

As for the Caribbean part of it? It was La Romana and now it’s a "been there, done that" kind of destination but I will never forget how special he made my 50th be on the Canadian end of the trip – it was something he kept as a surprise for a long time. I had no idea why we were going to Edmonton ???. And I have always loved train travel.

I guess what I’m saying is do something SHE will love – go to a place SHE want’s to go to. Where does she want to go?

Shirleyujest, I’ve had the thrill of the train trip through the Rockies to Vancouver but I did my trip all the way from Toronto. It is an experience to remember! We forget what a fantastic country we live in donnalee401, have you considered a cruise? Although I’ve been on regular cruises, the link below is on my list of vacation to do’s :D. The south Caribbean might be a better bet for a cruise in November.


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