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My husband and I are teachers, and go away every march break. We have been to the Dominican, cuba, and this past march Mexico(cozumel). |Loveeeeddd cozumel. I’m a big animal lover and my passion is photography. I"m just starting out. We are hoping that costa rica might fit the bill for us for our next vacation. We still want to do all inclusive, but are really keen on seeing the rainforest, and the wildlife that costa rica has to offer. Any suggestions on resorts? Also, we were leanign toward the grand papagayo, went to the occidental grand in cozumel and loved it. Does anyone know if there is any wildlife to see on the grounds, or within walking distance?
thanks in advance

For tours around this area, everyone here will recommend Papagayo/Vargas Tours. www.costarica-realestate.comThey are a good choice. A little bit of advice here, don’t wander off without a guide. On an ATV tour through the forest in December, our guide stopped us so that a Diamond back as thick as a pop can could finish crossing the trail.

Go to community.webshots.com/user/barracuba2000 , we have a few albums up from around the area.

What camera/lens are you using?

I 2nd that tour…you wont be disappointed.White faced monkeys…wildlife refuge, birds, Coati’s, sloths…its endless.


Vargas took us from Papagayo on the Palo Verde boat trip near Ortega. As we only had a half dozen people on the boat, the captain Hawkeye was able to take in us in to see all kinds of lizards, birds, crocodiles and monkeys. We also stopped on the way to see various trees: Have you seen how a cashew grows? Poinsettias in the wild? "Ears" from the Guanacaste trees? We also stopped at the big del Monte cantaloupe muskmelon farms. On the way back great typico lunch and a stop at Coco Beach.

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