Will trip prices go up or down July 1 2010 to HST | Debbie's Caribbean Resort Reviews Forums

I can’t recall which taxes are charged on our trips to Cuba (buried in th one listed fee) and elsewhere but I think the out of country portion wasn’t subject to GST. If that is the case, when they harmonize the Ontario PST and GST on July 1st, won’t that mean that any part that was subject to PST will no longer be taxed.

There are a few items that are taxed at one level but not the other.

Nothing will go down. if pst & gst were charged – now it is hst (one tax)

For occupations like mine that only charged one tax, gst we will be increasing what we charge to meet HST even though we never needed to charge pst. Our rates are up 8%. Please don’t get me started on this horrible topic. All it will do is decrease our revenue by 8% …. if not more.

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