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I was thinking that Venezuela would be a great place to visit but with the recent headlines the "head honcho" has been making, I’m thinking twice. Anyone else?
I have been shut away studying over the past few weeks and have not seen any news recently. What’s been happening??

Venezuela’s recent military actions on its border in the east with next-door Guyana make travel to Venezuela problematic. In the west, tension is increasing on the Colombian border. Who needs to visit an active war zone when other tourist destinations are available?

The British Foreign Office are not advising against travelling to Venezuela. They just advise against travelling through certain areas and exercising usual caution when travelling overseas. I don’t think Margarita Island is a dangerous place to visit and we will be going in 4 weeks time and feel sure we will have a good holiday.

MI should be OK. It’s a long way from the Guyana border in the East. However, it is noted that Hugo now seems intent on opening a second front with Colombia in the West.

I think it really depends on what you view as an "active" war zone.We each have our own perceptions of this, and mine or Cuban Pete’s or Esemerelda’s or Shirly’s may all be very VERY different from each others.I may not agree with Chavez, but you know what I still believe he runs a beautiful country and that will not deter me from sight seeing. However while I am abroad I will keep my opinions quietly to myself ;D

Happy Travels!


I was there in 2003 and loved it. There were riots on the mainland but we didn’t know about them till we got home and people told us, the island is a place of its own. I am soooo looking forward to going back in Jan I love the weather the people. I tried Punta Cana twice it is nice but too many people are going there now so back to Margarita where the sun is always shinning and the beer is cold.

Caracas remains very dangerous, not so much due to political demonstrations, but due to everyday crime, including kidnappings for ransom. Latin American is a big place; there are other choices available.

It won’t put me off travelling in June/July this year. People in the UK are still going on holidays to Egypt and Israel despite all the problems in the Middle East. I’m not really worried yet and I don’t think there is any concern to panic even if holiday companies tried to persuade people not to go!

I was there Feb and felt very safe. Went to malls , flea market and on jeep tour I felt safer walking around than I do at home.

I hope you will come back and tell us all about it! Have a great time. Will do.

8 more sleeps

I was there Feb and felt very safe. Went to malls , flea market and on jeep tour I felt safer walking around than I do at home. Do you have any recommendations, andy?


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