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Has anybody been to Cuba with their cell phone and a WIND mobile plan? Did you pay the $8 for the world roaming plan to reduce data to $1/mb and $0.50/minute or $0.20/text.

I wish we had wind Mobile out in Atlantic Canada, nevermind Cuba!! We have no competition out here.

Sorry I cant help…just had to vent…lol.

I looked into switching to Wind here in Southern Ontario. After doing a bit of research and talking to a number of former Wind customers I stayed with Rogers. Sometimes if it seems to good to be true …

OMG – Telus for us all the way …endured Rogers for so many years have never been happier than after I switched to Telus -service, customer service and coverage

No Wind Mobile here either, but World Traveller Add-On looks pretty good.

Except you can’t get a signal inside a building or outside a large city.

Fully agree with SharonAnn

Rogers has “Roam Like Home”…for 10 bucks a day you can roam based on your plan you have at home…99% of places in the world including Cuba…so if you needed your phone for 7 days it would 70 bucks and you can call, text, data, anywhere…no roaming fees …again …“based on your plan you have at home on your wireless phone”

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