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Does anyone have an opinion about the wine served during dinner at the Royal Decameron? I have read postings on forums for other countries where folks bring their own. I enjoy a nice glass of wine with dinner, and I will admit, some of the wine I have been served during my travels has been pretty grim!
Maybe need to look at bringing my own. Those little tetra paks should travel well.
6 weeks from today…we are Panama bound!!
Hmmm, that’s a thought. We’re hoping when we go into Penonome we can find some Chilean wine to bring back with us to the resort. When we went to Pipa’s a few years ago that is what we were served and it was mighty good.
Wine has improved since last year.
Glad to hear that.

All in all, we found the wine to be not bad.

Just back a week ago and believe you me if that is better , glad I didn’t taste it last yearI but sense that is the only think that I can complain about , leave it to me

Yah really Mary, that is just a minor complaint. If someone doesn’t like the wine that is served at the meals – you are welcome to bring your own bottle (or don’t drink it). The lobby gift shops carry bottles of wine, or you can walk into the nearby village and pick up a bottle from the store. It’s cheap enough.

Just out of curiosity where did you stay that the wine was better/ not so good????? We are thinking of The Royal Decameron vs The Playa Blanco for next year. Also wondering if anyone has any general comments or recommendations of one resort or the other?

If my memory serves me correctly the Royal Decameron serves a nice bottle or glass of wine from Chile. It was very good and I drink wine all the time here at home. As for comparing the two resorts it would depend on what you are looking for as the R.D is much larger with over 820 rooms and eight a la cartes while the Playa Blanca has only 219 rooms with two a la cartes. However the Playa Blanca has just been recently renovated.

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