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So all you Bahia Principe lovers give me the skinny on the resort please. I just won a week trip there on a local radio station. I just had to be caller 100 and what do ya know I was.Total freaked out of course.Club Golden. Really looking forward to it. So any pointers you all may have would be appreciated.

It’s really weird because I travel each year and usually never book a trip until last minute… this year a great deal for NH Real in Punta Cana came up in November so I booked. SO now I have to go twice. One week apart. Life is strange but I do feel very blessed that I have been given this opportunity.

wow..what I wouldn’t give to win a trip south!And you are lucky..the NH Real is a great resort, as I stayed there two years ago. I am looking forward to my stay at the Bahia here…stayed at Bahia’s twice in Punta Cana and had nothing but good things to say.

When are you heading down to this resort?

Hi Monctonguy…April24th departure from Halifax. What about you? Looking forward to it. My husband can’t go so I’m taking my best bud with me. She overjoyed to say the least.

Ozzy. Keep the faith. I have tried for contests on c100 for years and years and have never gotten anything but a busy then BAM here it is. Pretty amazing! Gook luck! Hope you win.

wow nice win was down to Halifax twice this week and was listening to contest.. I will be going there April 3rd will let yu know.. Monctonguy will be there end of Feb so he can fill us in..

again congrats


LUCKY YOU!!! Congratulations. If you didn’t have any one to go with you, I would of joined you. j/k ;D

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