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Debbie MailShayna would like to know:

Several years ago we traveled to the Dominican Republic and your site helped us a lot. We fond out that wood products are not allowed to be brought back into Canada from the Dominican. We are taking a cruise at the end of September and stopping in Cozumel, Costa Rica and Panama. Does the same restriction exist for wood products at these destinations?

It’s not that wood products are not allowed, you just have to be very careful about the product itself. If there are any visible signs of previous insect damage to the wood it will be confiscated. If it’s a clean piece of wood (i.e. no insect / bug marks) it should be allowed in. I know others I’ve travelled with have bought wooden products and have always made sure there is no bug signs and have had no problem.For up to date info you can refer to the CBSA’s website:


Like bryan, we’ve brought back wood products that we carefully checked for worm holes. (before customs checks them)
Some careful people even pop their purchases into their freezers for a day or two to ensure all hidden pests are dead, after they get home.

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