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Looking for some advice from people who’ve been to the PRDO in Holguin. We’re considering splurging on a one-time trip to a 5* and are wondering if it’s really worth the considerable price difference. This will be our 10th trip to Cuba and have stayed at the BCV three times before trying the PCV this past March. If we don’t go to the PRDO we’ll probably return to the PCV.Is the food quality and selection going to be much better? Is the service at the bars better, ie. no line-ups? What about loungers at the pool and beach – any problems getting a couple in the shade at prime times without playing the towel game? Is the beach significantly nicer?

If we’ve been happy at the BCV and PCV are we wasting our money to try the PRDO or do you think that we’ll be suitably impressed and glad we upgraded?

Well we have never been but heard from a friend that everything was top notch so you wouldn’t be disappointed.

I have stayed there, but only overnight (bumped from Sol Luna Mares). It was nice but I am not sure worth the cost difference. Mind you, I didn’t have long to compare, and spent most of my time checking out the snorkelling at the little coves……I think I was in the water by 8 a.m. (I am not one to waste an opportunity) However, Playa Esmeralda is a beautiful beach, nicer IMO than Playa Pesquero, so it might be worth your while just to check it out.

BTW, I have stayed at BCV, so I do know the beach.

In the Holguin area we’ve been to PP, PCV and Playa Turquesa. This February we went to PRDO. We only paid $1,225 each, taxes in so it wasn’t really much more than the other places. But to answer your question, yes, the food quality is that much better, the line-ups are far shorter, we got shade any time we looked for it and the snorkelling was pretty good. As for the beach, if you’re just lying there then no, the beach is definitely not better. The added bonus was that there were no kids. We’ve never really considered an adults only resort before because we always took our kids and have never been bothered by others. The difference we discovered was not the lack of kids but the lack of parents screaming at their kids. There are always kids on the beach it seems anyways because they walk down from SRLYM and snorkel.

We loved PCV but if we return to Holguin it will definitely be to PRDO. Price is not an issue for us. For years we travelled and had to pay for 4 adults (us and kids). Paying for just the two of us is a bargain at any price. As for the Royal Service, we took a walk around that area and wouldn’t want to stay on this side. Just a little too isolated for us and I’m not interested in any pampering or having someone put water in a bathtub for me.

Having been to Cuba 14 times and facing the same question that was the reason we stayed at Paradisus Holguin last May. The money is not a problem for us but is it worth it? I think you should try one time and make your decision otherwise the question is always with you. For us we will return but in three years interval. Here are few personal observations.If you want *5 you have to stay in Royal Service which cost a lot of moneyThe food and staff service are first class amongst all the resorts that i have stayed. But to be honest after three days I had enough. We cancelled two of a la carte restaurants. We ate more than at home so our body does not have the time to adapt. It was the same for all resorts that we have visitedIf you are beach person it is not the hotel for youDuring the day there is only one barman serves in the lobby bar(liquor+coffee) so if there is a group of 10 people you have to wait. At night may be more staff but I do not drink so can not commend here.

Jacqueline food manager, Wendy customer service manager and Sarahis assistant resort manager always around for your needs.

We have stayed at both PCV and PRDO and their Royal Service. It really depends on what you like in a resort. If a beach is a beach is a beach and you are someone who takes a book and is horizontal most of your vacation then for the 1/2 price PCV is remarkable good value to PRDO. Both have good staff, both are clean, both have nice grounds. I too believe the beach is better at PRDO. The food a bit nicer and the soon to be room renovations will make it much more up to date with a touch of classic elegance.If the cost factor is not importance….even for a change try PRDO. We have been there 4 times really like it and only went to PCV because we had a family vacation that included a child. We were pleasantly surprised with PCV.

P.S. Wendy is no longer at PRDO

Some of what you may want to avoid depends when you go – you may have to play towel wars at the peak of the high season. Same with line-ups, etc. And I don’t think it matters how much money you have paid or how many stars the resort has. My all-time favourite in Cuba is a basic 3-star. But we have done the high end. Let me put it this way – it is a really nice treat to upgrade and go all in every now and then. But I think you still have to travel with reasonable expectations. Just because you pay mega-bucks, does not mean that you will not face some things that could annoy you.

But I still think sometimes its worth the extra just to see how the other half live. (I generally do it in the really low season so that I don’t pay much – there’s also nothing nicer than a half-full 5-star resort – you get truly pampered then – and there are no line-ups.)

Personally I have had more fun at three stars than I ever have at higher starred resorts. Of course, when you don’t pay much you don’t expect a whole lot, but I go for the beach and the ocean; snorkelling, sailing and beach walking are my thing, so as long as I have a reasonable place to sleep and sufficient food to keep me going, it’s all good!I found the rooms at PRDO, while impressive, actually a bit large for my taste. I didn’t appreciate the step down into the living area. I could see someone who was slightly inebriated having a problem with that. ;D

That said, I would likely go back if the opportunity arose, just to snorkel the little coves again. And be pampered. But not at the price you usually have to pay.

I’ve not been to any of the resorts you are asking about but I would like to agree that as long as everything is reasonable, we seem to have more fun when we are spending a lot less. My wallet is much happier!That being said, once you have been pampered with washrooms that have both hot & cold water, toilet paper and clean towels, air conditioners that work and food in abundance that is edible, it’s hard to return to somewhere that lacks those basic needs we have.

Of course, perhaps we tend to drink a lot more at cheap resorts so the problems become more livable. There’s nothing like sitting at the bar all night with the other guests and laughing about how bad the food is. Sometimes problems like that bring people together.

3 Stars Rule!! They have to try so hard to knock off the poor 4 Star resorts who only have that extra star because they have a swim up bar/community urinal.
I’ve been to PRDO and the beach is gorgeous, but you have to get to the beach early to get a good palapa. I always ended up sitting under the sea grapes or even at the security guard palapa. Also, if you are going to go, go to the Royal Service – it is true five star.

Very nice staff, beautiful gardens, and a cheap cab ride into town. Do try the spa, it is wonderful.

Personally I have had more fun at three stars than I ever have at higher starred resorts. Of course, when you don’t pay much you don’t expect a whole lot, but I go for the beach and the ocean; snorkelling, sailing and beach walking are my thing, so as long as I have a reasonable place to sleep and sufficient food to keep me going, it’s all good!
Me too! The first question the lifeguards ask me when I arrive at the Marea del Portillo beach is "how many new books do you have?" I am known for arriving on the beach in the morning, sticking my nose in a book (now an e-reader), coming up for the occasional swim and lunch, repeating in the afternoon.I’m happy with "three hots and a cot"! (That’s 3 meals a day and somewhere to sleep). ;D

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