Wossa's diving photo's – Dec 2011 | Debbie's Caribbean Resort Reviews Forums

Yes, that picture is awsome! Congrats! Wossa,What type of lighting are you using. I am in the market (looking for a good light for my underwater camera). I found an Ike light that would fit the underwater housing. Any comments on the Ikelite part #4035, Primary AF35 strobe with Single Tray. my camera only has an Auto WB. it should work ok with the underwater feature.eh! any comments from anyone who does underwater photography. thanks

sorry don’t mean to change the thread, if it gets out of hand I’ll start a new one! ;D

Congratulations, Wossa! I think all your photos are award winning!!

Hope you are having a wonderful trip and again, I thank you for sharing your photos of the magnificent underwater world that few of us get to experience.

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