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A few silly little questions about Xcaret Park….How deep is the water in the underground caves?How dark is it?Is it possible to get out at any time?Can you just float down the river? i.e. for someone who doesn’t snorkel?One of our travellers is not a strong swimmer and is not entirely comfortable in dark enclosed spaces, so any information concerning these aspects would be greatly appreciated.Many thanks.Sharon

Hi , the water is not too deep , you can stand almost everywhere, A few places are a bit dark, but there also a few holes in the surface that let in light . I am not real sure , but I don’t believe there are any places to get out until you reach the end. You have to wear a flotation device ( life jacket ) so no worries there. And finally , yes you can just float down the river. It’s very enjoyable, not being a strong swimmer should not deter anyone !

Hijemik said it right you do not have to snorkleBut yes there are areas to get out and walk, some of these areas we saw people getting back in. The exit points were not far between eachother , many have staff at and people taking pictures.We were there in Jan and found the water to be a bit cool, we exited out about 3/4 of the way threw and warmed up in the sun walking the rest of the way.It was alot of fun and we would do it again.


Sasha, the lazy river is just that "a lazy river", some people complain that they actually had to work quite hard just to get down the river…..to each his own. Other than that, you’re pretty well up to speed….enjoy.

Jake, eh

Only Thing I can add is that I wish i wore flippers for the flat stretches. But like already mentioned you can get out in many places

Oooops forgot to say that the nightly entertainment there was fantastic, we didn’t stay there, stayed in Cancun and did a Day trip via Bus , left early in the AM , returned around *:30 PM . Full day and well worth it , In my opinion !

I’ve heard the show is spectacular. Is it better to get to the show area early in order to get a good seat or are all the seats decent and it doesn’t matter much.

I presume like most parks one can purchase souvenirs there??!!

No need to turn up especially early as the theatre is huge and plenty of seats all with good vantage points. Some really nice gift shops as you enter/leave. However if I remember rightly I think they were closed when we came out after the show. So probably best to take a break around 5pm shower, have a bite to eat and do a bit of shopping before heading off to the show.

Speaking of the caves, I’m not a strong swimmer but managed fine because you have to wear a lifejacket plus the flippers meant I could bomb along at great speed.

What JJay said , huge theater ! lots of souvenir shops !

When you go to the park on your own and buy a day pass, does it allow you to come and go? For example can you leave around noon and come back later in the afternoon?

Does anyone know how far Xcaret is from Akumal?

Bren, yes you can leave and return. We stayed at the Xcaret resort next door, and that is exactly what we did. We were at the park just after it opened in the morning, and did the river swim. I am not a strong swimmer, and wanted to make sure I did it at a time when it was not too congested. We then walked all around the ocean side of the park, worked our way back seeing the sites, and went back to our resort for lunch. After a swim and a rest, we returned to the park at around 4:00 p.m., saw lots more, and were there for the evening show. We all really enjoyed the day a a leisurely pace.

HiI would say its a 15 min drive from Xcaret is from Akumal. Another 5 mins past Xcaret is Playa Del CarmenEnjoy hte park , we went twice while there and did the SnubaIt was alot of fun


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