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For those who prefer Xtabentun "Vallisoletano", it appears that they have changed their label. When in PDC last week, I was not able to find "Vallisoletano".A shop keeper told me it is now called "Once Letras". (with a red label) I took a chance and bought two bottles. It seems to be exactly the same as the "Vallisoletano" so I guess the shop keeper was not lying, just to make a sale. It has a lovely honey flavour, very smooth.

Unfortunately the bottle is much taller than the old style and does not fit into my cabinet. Too bad, I guess we’ll have to drink it up much faster…..

I have the Once Letras and the D’Aristi – I prefer the D’Aristi but I like sweeter. Both are good, and a great buy. You can find Xtabentun for sale at La Europea in PDC for $8 in the liquor store upstairs (store is visible from 5th. I believe the one litre bottle is 15 at Duty Free CUN. Yummy stuff, great just straight on ice.

I’ve not tried the D’Aristi before but will try to sample it next time I’m in Playa. I love the honey taste with just a hint of anise…. ummm!!

It comes in a yellow-label bottle for 8-12 bucks, depending on size (and about 3 dollars for a 200 ml), and it also comes in much more expensive bottles, shaped like Mayan statues. Depends if you want to display it or drink it! But it’s a very nice liqueur to try, I think it would be lovely in a Mayan hot chocolate.

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