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Rude and Unconsiderate
Posted by: chris on Jun 4, 2011
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After waiting for over an hour for the pickup transportation I finally got someone from our resort to call them and they told me personally that they were not coming to get us because other people backed out and that it was not profitable for them to come and get us despite us already paying the deposit. I asked them it they felt that we at least deserved a phone call saying that no one was coming and they said no, I asked them if they would come get us later that day that said no, I asked if we take a taxi there if they would reduce the price of the ziplining to conpensate for not picking us up and they said absolutly not. This guy on the phone was very rude to me and acted as if I was asking something special even though it was there fault we were sitting at the hotel for over an hour with no idea what was going on. We ultimately gave up and were able to find the rep that sold us the excursion and get some of our money back. Obviously these guys have never heard of the phrase "the customer comes first."

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