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What destination in Caribbean would be your dream vacation. If money is not the issue where would you like to go for your dream vacation?

Hmmm, my dream vacation wouldn’t be in the Caribbean but rather back to some islands we haven’t visited in the South Pacific.

If it has to be a Caribbean destination, then it would be the ABC Islands – Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao

I never been to Aruba personally but my relatives went and I saw photos. My relatives did not like because when they where there it was lots of wind but I guess they just did not get lucky to have nice weather. Ocean looked beautiful turquoise color. I would like to visit as well.

Probably my dream vacation would be island hopping in a sailboat, one big enough for comfort and handy enough to get in close to shore, so likely a cruising catamaran. It would be a treat to visit pristine reefs off the beaten path.
Well since I have already done my dream vacation, an 11 month RTW, I’m kind of fussy. The South Pacific would be my next choice with Easter Island topping the list (my next long trip).

But to get back on topic Roatan Island in Honduras and Nicaragua’s Corn Islands would be my choice for the Caribbean.

Caymen Islands….but with a cook, housekeeper and driver. In that order.

That sounds very interesting and good dream vacation! I would not mind going to Caymen Islands and having all ready on the table and and house clean

dream vacation in the Caribbean? Taking a year off and island hop. I’ve been to several places in the Caribbean, but I would like to see more of them.

Busman, I just stumbled upon the Corn Islands not too long ago, while researching Nicaragua. They sure look interesting. For our next vacation I just can’t seem to make up my mind to go either Belize, Nicaragua or Panama. The San Blas Islands are high on my wish list as well.

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