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I stayed at the Hotel on July/2012;I checked In late without any trouble,I complained about the Air Conditioning not cooling enogh:right away I was offered other room if after one hour I was not satisfied whit it.(at the end the A.C. was fine.)The food in the Buffet is O.K.,the Restaurants(50 % of them are closed because low occupancy)are O.K. too,but you have to realze that going to Cuba always something is missing. The service from all employees in the whole Hotel is Five Stars.The beach, Varadero Beach has won the title "The Best Beach in the World",and is well deserved,white and clean sand,clear water,the beach never crowded.Finally as a Cuban Born it is a shame the infamous popularity the cuban residing in The U.S.A.and other foreign countries have won for not leave the Tip after services are rendered,otherwise delivering a lot of complains about everything,like if we were Kings where we live;please everywhere the Tip goes by some % of what you expended,it wont hurt your pocket leaving at least one C.U.C.Any way they will bring you the best service they can without asking nothing,but gratefull if you do.My best wishes for all friendly employees at "Aguas Azules".

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