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What tripped me about this place when I arrived was the welcoming spirit of the staff and how attentive they were throughout my stay here as I booked a room for four days. The maintenance is something else as the one time I had problems with the toilet and called them, it took them just 2 minutes to get to me and fixed it immediately. Whatever problem I had with the place, they took care of it immediately, I would have given them a five star but I didn’t really feel the place. The rooms are quite spacious and clean, they took care of it daily. I stayed in one of the rooms on the fourth floor, the rooms there are quiet and the WIFI connection was also very fast. One annoying thing about the location is the chaotic traffic I would always find myself in every time I try to go out but taxi services in the area are very quick. The breakfast buffet was fantastic throughout my stay so I can’t complain. The rooms have small refrigerators in them and you should try the spaghetti for breakfast, it is quite delicious. Tirandentes is just a couple of blocks away from the hotel so the location couldn’t have been any more convenient. The personnel and staff working here are always there to please you; I mean they will go out of their way to make sure you are comfortable throughout your stay in this hotel. I may go back here again but if I get something better i many not. Nice staff, great meal and nice location.

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