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We took a family vacation in early March. We had read a number of reviews on line about unclean pools and unfriendly wait staff. I found it the opposite. If you were friendly, they were friendly. The St Lucian’s are a reserved people. It is something you have to get used to. The formality can be misunderstood. But if you ask questions and talk to them, they are more than happy to answer you and talk. They don’t want to bother you cause "your on vacation" I heard that a number of times. We got to know their names, and they saw us coming, so as soon as we went into the dining area, we would see them start smiling. We laughed alot with them, and found out so much once we asked. Every morning we saw the pools being cleaned, and really were surprised by some of the negative comments we had heard. The water sports are great. My husband signed up everyday for water skiing and there was always room for him. He also sailed with our kids everyday and did the banana boat ride. We also arrived very late in the evening, and of course, all the restauants in the resort were closed. Very kindly, they had left a cold plate in our rooms with a selection of items and a large bottle of water. It was a nice touch. We enjoyed breakfast at the Palms and seeing Agnus every morning at the omellette station. She is amazing! A la carte dining is very nice here. The food at all the restaraunts had a french flare, but in a very carribean way. Fresh local fruit and veggies in each dish. My mouth is actually watering as I write this. Oh, and most importantly, you can eat all the food and drink all the drinks (including water) without worrying about getting sick. No one in our resort had any intestinal problems. We met alot of people there and talked about the food often, everyone seemed to be in agreement. It was very good quality!

I just want to say, to everyone considering this vacation, take what you read with a grain of salt. You don’t know anyones basis for comparison. We normally go to Mexico to vacation, but after the Almond, we will never go to Mexico again.

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arrived Feb 27, 2011

clean, but could have used a selection of sodas for late night drinks

Restaurants and Bars:

well kept

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
motorized water sports were amazing!

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going back next year!

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