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Is there anyone considering heading to Nicaragua next year? I see they are offering it again out of Toronto. Too bad we are already booked to go elsewhere.

Hurrah……My first posting on this forum.We had a two week trip booked with Conquest Vacations for Jan. 11th, 2006 from Toronto to Nicaragua, Hotel Montelimar.Yesterday the trip was canceled.Does anyone know why?Active volcanos? Political unrest? Not enough bookings out of Toronto?

Please help me out, I’d like to know.

Joanandegon:Noooooo, don’t tell me it’s happening again. I don’t know what the reason is this time, but back in 2003 they did the same thing pretty well. I believe it was two weeks after we returned flights were canceled. At that time it was due to not enough bookings out of Toronto. (Check to see if they are still offered out of Montreal.)Bebbie

The cancellations last year were the result of poor bookings and really bad press that they got from the bout of illness that swept the hotel that they offered. At the same time they had serious outbreak of food poisoning in Honduras. As i recall they sent down aircraft to bring everyone home. I wonder if they sanitary issues again.

I am pretty sure there hasn’t been any packages out of Toronto to Nicaragua for at least a couple of years. We would have gone back. Did this happen with the packages out of Montreal?I know in 2003 there were problems with sickness at the hotel on the mainland of Honduras. Koz, you must remember.Bebbie
Well this is interesting news! We almost booked the Montelimar and our departure date would also have been January 11th. For a variety of reasons we decided to hold off on Nicaragua and now I’m grateful we did. I would have been really ticked if we had been cancelled like that and had to start all over again.

There definitely weren’t any packages out of Toronto last year because I checked. I was quite happy to see that they were starting up again out of Toronto again this year. I wonder if maybe they weren’t selling enough?? I noticed the prices have been really really low which is usually an indication not many people are booking. Hopefully this doesn’t mean they will again discontinue packages from Toronto because we do eventually want to go.

So sad that this is happening. I personally believe the reason is what you said Heatseeker – not enough bookings. As I mentioned, back in 2003 they ended up cancelling trips for the very same reason. I knew someone who was a travel agent at the time who told me that. He said people (from Ontario) are afraid to travel there. It’s a shame. Years ago my parents went to Costa Rica for a few weeks. They flew into Montelimar from there and stayed a few days.
In 2003 Honduras was a hit with bad weather and sickness. Barcelo ran the resort. It does not anymoreYou tell people you have been to Montelimar and people say are you nuts you will get killed.But I have heard that about Panama also.

IT is too bad that they have cancel it

We have been there in December 04.We have ask for two weeks. It was full ,we have obtained only one week. It was from Montreal,

Nice resort good weather.

I meant to check back in here and say that I checked with Conquest and they had no packages going to Nicaragua out of Toronto. We lose out again.
Hello all,

I have been to Nica in last Dec/Jan, so if anyone have questions about travelling with rental car on your own, please contact me, I will try to answer

Nicaragua is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever been, and there have been a lot Kind regards


HiI have been checking around for new spots/ideas for Dec. 2006 – and read on Nolitours website that within the next few weeks they will have information on the following areas that they are offering this year:ColombiaHondurasNicaraguaEl SalvadorI am looking forward to seeing their new brochure!


Nicaragua?Hopefully out of Toronto. I will be keeping my eyes open.Drop me a pm REH if you hear anything more. Bebbie

>:(My husband is from Nicaragua and have been looking since May for a package to stay at the Montelimar for over xmas. We were told by many agents that no one seems to be doing the packages out of Toronto this year. They could not explain why either. My husband believes because of the political unrest right now. They are going through an election. Does anyone know of a way to get there and stay at the hotel or know a carrier that is flying out of Toronto but not taking 12 hrs to get there with a layover in the states? We would really like to make it there this year.

Altcry: Perhaps you could fly into Costa Rica and get another flight or bus from there into Nicaragua. Book the Montelimar separately. That is a real shame that there might not be any packages out of Toronto this year…..again. Have you checked into flying out of Montreal? Bebbie

We’re looking at going in Feb. Delta has a flight for $790 that stops in Atlanta but only takes about 6 hours total from Toronto.
Anybody stayed at the Montelimar recently? Any comments would be appreciated.

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