Anyone have a wheelchair they want to donate to cuba? | Debbie's Caribbean Resort Reviews Forums

Going in November. Unfortunately I broke my foot this week so I am looking for a foldable wheelchair that would fit a ~6′ tall guy. I think it would need about 20" wheels. Willing to buy, but my plan it to leave it there when I leave. (Using crutches right now so that is how I’d get home.) Going the Brisas Sierra Mar. In Niagara region so don’t want to travel too far to get it as the sizing is somewhat important. I’ve got a smaller one but it is for a short person so my feet drag…which is a bit of a problem with a broken foot. lol.

Check with a nursing home near to you . They often have items "left behind" after their owners no longer need them. If you are going to leave it behind as charity they might be willing to donate it to the cause

Santiago. Brisas Sierra Mar, our favorite. Been going there for 10yrs so we know a few people and know how useful a wheelchair could be to someone there which is why we’d leave it at the end of our week and I’d use crutches to get home. Have taken several bicycles over the years and supplies for the off resort dr and dentist family, among other things for the school and fruit farmer family.

Strange as it may seem mobility appliances, wheelchair, crutches, canes etc aren’t well received in most Cuban homes, bad luck and all that, unless there is an immediate need for the appliance in the home. Best to drop off the wheel chair to a hospital or clinic when no longer needed.

I guess if it is someone you know might make a real difference as we took down a walker many years ago to a friend’s grandmother. She had fallen and was really unsure of her strength to walk. The who family was excited that this might help her regain her mobility and strength…….

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